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Coffee Subscription

Whether you're looking to get the same coffee every month, try our Coffee of the Month, or send a Gift Subscription to someone else, we've got you covered. Simply choose the subscription options on our entire range before adding to your cart, or browse through these standalone subscriptions.

7 reasons why you should join our UK coffee subscription service

Whether you're interested in expanding your coffee repertoire or you're shopping for a unique coffee gift, a coffee subscription is a fun, easy and cost-effective way of getting quality beans delivered straight to a coffee lover's door.

From monthly orders of your favourite single-origin beans to new weekly blends via our Discovery Club, Coffee Direct has a range of flexible subscriptions created to meet all your coffee drinking needs.

So, if you're considering signing up for a regular delivery of fabulous fresh coffee, we've outlined the main reasons why our customers love our subscription coffee deliveries, followed by a breakdown of the different types of coffee subscriptions available to you.

Why should you sign up to a coffee subscription?

From saving money on your go-to roasts to tasting your way around the world one cup at a time, there is a long list of reasons why weekly, fortnightly, or monthly coffee subscriptions are a great purchasing decision. Below, you'll find our top seven reasons to join a coffee subscription service.

  1. Save 15% on every order

    If you calculated how much money you've spent in coffee shops over your lifetime, chances are you’ll arrive at a sizable figure. Rather than cutting back on your coffee intake, keep your java budget low by saving 15% with our personal coffee subscription.

    Before adding your preferred coffee to your cart, instead of selecting the ‘One-time purchase’ option, select the ‘Subscribe & Save (15%)’ option and choose your frequency. Your coffee subscription discount will be automatically added at checkout without the fuss of a discount code to enter or remember.

  2. Taste over 100 different varieties

    One of the major benefits of coffee subscriptions is that they encourage you to experience new flavours you may never have tried.

    At Coffee Direct, our subscribers get access to an extensive range of over 100 different varieties of single-origin and blended roasts. That's why we consider any of our subscriptions to be the best coffee subscription UK consumers can buy. Compared to other coffee subscription services, the choice available to our Coffee Direct members is incredibly vast and includes rare and exclusive varieties such as Kopi Luwak and Blue Mountain Jamaica.

  3. Never run out of your favourite roast

    Waking up and realising you don't have enough beans or grounds to make a much needed pick me up is not a great feeling. By signing up to a regular coffee subscription, you're ruling out the chance of ever being caught short on your caffeine supply.

    To make sure you never run out of your favourite roast, you can calculate roughly how much coffee to order via our handy ‘how many cups?’ page. Check it out here.

  4. Always have the freshest beans available

    Each of our 100 plus different coffees is roasted to order. That means you'll only ever get the freshest possible grounds or whole beans delivered to your door. Gone is the need to check roast dates, and as soon as you open your bag of coffee, you'll be met with its gorgeous aromas. We can also guarantee that when brewed, your coffee will produce the freshest flavours possible to do justice to your chosen bean.

  5. Show off new flavours to guests

    If you like sharing your love of coffee with others, a subscription service is a sure way to impress visitors. Instead of presenting guests with the same coffee over and over again, you’ll be able to offer them a completely new roast every time they visit.

    For example, in our range, not only do we have beans from all over the world, but we also offer a unique selection of flavoured coffees guaranteed to wow. How many dinner parties have you been to where you're offered a cup of tiramisu, whisky or banana flavoured coffee at the end of your meal? By joining one of our subscriptions, you can be sure the coffee you serve will be the talking point of the night.

  6. Take the fuss out of sourcing new items

    When we lead such busy lives, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to hunt down new quality roasts. With subscriptions such as our Discovery Club or Coffee of the Month, we do all the hard work for you. Expertly selected by our UK team who have over 30 years’ experience delivering fresh coffee to our customers' doors, our mystery coffee picks are chosen to introduce you to completely new flavours, textures and aromas.

    These new experiences will help build on your knowledge, find out what regions or products you love and keep your coffee exploration journey delicious, diverse and exciting.

  7. Try different brewing methods

    Not only are our coffees roasted to order, but they can also be ground to order. Whether you prefer to brew with a cafetiere/French press, filter device, percolator, bean-to-cup or espresso machine, simply select your preferred grind option, and we'll deliver perfectly sized grounds for your chosen method.

    This diverse range of grind options also means subscribers can easily switch between brew methods. For instance, trying out a Barista Reserve with a cafetiere this month, then next month going for an Australian Skyberry with your syphon vacuum coffee maker. You'll never again have to choose between two different brewing methods and can switch up your coffee making game whenever you like.

    If you prefer to master the art of grinding yourself, just let us know that you'd prefer to receive whole beans and we'll leave the rest up to you. There are loads of effective electric and hand grinders on the market - although we always advise our customers to opt for a burr grinder over a blade grinder. You can find two of our favourite manual burr grinders in our Brewing Equipment section on our site.

    Now that we've outlined the main benefits of joining a coffee subscription, below you’ll find our guide to working out which Coffee Direct subscription is the best one for you.

Now that we've outlined the main benefits of joining a coffee subscription, below you’ll find our guide to working out which Coffee Direct subscription is the best one for you.

Which Coffee Direct subscription is best for you?

Coffee Subscriptions

At Coffee Direct, we offer four main types of subscriptions, each giving you access to our huge range of coffee varieties. All you need to do is work out whether you'd like to receive the to-your-door service yourself or generously offer it as a gift, and if you'd like to pick your coffees yourself or let us choose them for you with our Discovery Club and Coffee of the Month.

Below you'll find a roundup of each of our four coffee subscriptions, plus some examples of our top roasts to inspire your choice. All our subscriptions are designed to be flexible, so can be paused, cancelled or amended at any point.

  • The personal coffee subscription

    For those who enjoy sourcing and selecting their coffee, a personal coffee subscription is a perfect option for you. You can set up a regular order of your favourite roasts to arrive every week, fortnight or month without fail, or explore our 100 plus products if you'd like to try something new.

    For example, one month you may want to cut back on the caffeine and opt for a decaf coffee subscription, ordering products such as our Dark Decaffeinated Columbian or Swiss Water Decaffeinated blend. Another month you may wish to swap your blends such as Buckaroo or Golden Crema for a single-origin coffee subscription to get a real taste of a country. To explore Columbia, in one month you could try our Dark Columbia, Medium Roast, Rainforest beans and Supremo coffee (to name a few).

    A personal subscription also gives you a permanent 15% discount on our full range. All you need to do is select the 'Subscribe & Save (15%)' option and choose your frequency.

    Like all of our subscriptions, the personal coffee subscription is a flexible plan, so you can increase or decrease order frequencies, pause your plan, or cancel at any time.

  • The coffee gift subscription

    A coffee subscription gift from Coffee Direct will be a guaranteed hit with any coffee lover, with our 100 plus different types of coffee that are sure to wow even the most knowledgeable coffee connoisseur.

    Choose from 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, and the recipient will receive the gift of freshly roasted, speciality coffee delivered straight to their door. We can send a prepaid gift subscription to the recipient to activate at any time they choose or if you'd prefer to hand over the gift in person, simply send us your details instead.

    Don't worry if you're not sure what grind they usually go for (for example if they prefer filter, espresso or cafetiere ground coffee). The recipient can choose their preferred grind themselves.

  • Coffee of the month

    If you'd love to expand your knowledge of coffee but don't have the time to seek out your next brew, we definitely recommend trying our Coffee of the Month plan. The monthly coffee subscription takes the guesswork out of sourcing new coffees, with a new monthly delivery carefully curated by Coffee Direct's team of experts.

    Each month the team chooses one roast from our extensive range of quality origin and blended coffees from around the world, helping you discover the very best coffees we have to offer.

    All coffees featured in our monthly coffee club are suitable for every brewing method on our list, including cafetiere/French press, bean-to-cup, filter and percolator. Naturally, we suggest signing up to a monthly delivery, but if you'd prefer to have your coffee delivered less frequently, just let us know, and we'll reduce the number of orders you receive.

  • Discovery Club

    For coffee drinkers who are serious about tasting as many new coffees as possible, our Discovery Club is definitely one of the best coffee subscription services for you. Each week we'll send you a different freshly roasted coffee, meaning you'll get to experience an entirely new type of coffee for just £9.99 per week (or 72p per cup).

    Bringing members a new taste every week from all around the world, Discovery Club deliveries include truly unique flavours from lesser-known varieties, the latest additions to our collection and rare small-batch coffee. Subscription orders contain a weekly supply that will produce around 14 cups and caters for all brewing methods.

Delivery information: We are proud to offer some of the best ethical coffee subscriptions UK shoppers can buy. To make sure you're 100% happy with your order, please note two of our main delivery policies. Number one: For some of our products, UK shipment and shipment to selected European countries are the only delivery options available (as shown within the delivery options at checkout). Number two: UK dispatches for smaller orders will use Royal Mail's delivery services; however, for larger orders, UK courier delivery may be used and may require a signature. Delivery price/fees are detailed on our site or at checkout.