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The Craft and Science of Coffee

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The Craft and Science of Coffee Kindle Edition

The Craft and Science of Coffee is a unique, engagingly written book that will offer the reader a fascinating insight and in-depth understanding of every aspect of the coffee world. It’s an excellent reference for those with an interest in the coffee supply chain, or for coffee connoisseurs, to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of coffee production, and science of coffee in general. Chapters cover the origins of the coffee plant, agricultural practices, how coffee is processed, and matters concerning sustainability, as well as coffee cupping, grading, trading, roasting, grinding, brewing, and more.

The influence coffee as a global product has on millions of lives can be realised through the journey this book takes, allowing us to see things from the perspective of people involved in the coffee industry, from coffee farmers to baristas, and all those in between. The collaborative efforts of an impressive list of individual contributors combine their scientific knowledge and craft expertise to enlighten all in this illuminating book.