Coffee – The Fourth Wave: A Fresh Roasting Revolution –
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Coffee – The Fourth Wave: A Fresh Roasting Revolution

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In Coffee - The Fourth Wave: A Fresh Roasting Revolution, author Asher Yaron looks at the three ‘Waves’ of coffee’s evolution, representing the major changes that have taken place in the coffee industry and with coffee culture globally over the past 200 years. From the ‘First Wave’ when coffee became a commodity distributed throughout the world, and there was less emphasis on quality, through to the ‘Second Wave’ starting in the 1970s, that saw an increase in Starbucks coffee shops and a focus on espresso machines and baristas. The ‘Third Wave’ is explored, with the advent of the more sophisticated and knowledgeable coffee consumer who cares about such things as coffee traceability, quality of beans, and sustainability. The new ‘Fourth Wave’ of coffee is then considered, with a suggestion that home roasting will become the new phenomenon.

The author also explains about how coffee was first used medicinally by its early users centuries ago, and suggests there are properties in coffee that have the potential to offer powerful health benefits for body and mind.