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Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home

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Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with all you need to know to improve your coffee brewing at home, by understanding the science of coffee extraction. It covers every aspect of coffee, from brewing basics, choosing equipment, explanations about coffee varietals and origins, buying coffee, and brewing methods, as well as troubleshooting, tips, and tricks. With a focus on manual, pour over, immersion, and cold-brew techniques, this book contains a wealth of information for the home coffee brewer, be they novice or connoisseur.

Clearly written, with illustrations, tables, and useful sidebars, this indispensable and informative handbook would make a great gift for anyone who wants to learn how to get the very best out of every bean, from the amazing range of speciality coffees around today. It is available as a hardcover or Kindle edition.