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Fineway Stainless Steel Chocolate Shaker Duster

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The Fineway Stainless Steel Chocolate Shaker Duster comes with 16 cappuccino coffee barista stencils that can give a professional touch to your coffee and chocolate beverages. The attractive and durable chocolate shaker is perfect for dusting chocolate powder, nutmeg or cinnamon on frothy cappuccinos, lattes, or hot chocolate drinks. Made from high grade stainless steel, it has a stay fresh, sealed rubber lid to keep out moisture, and 2 mm holes to prevent clogging. Its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. The set of stencils are made from a thin, but resilient plastic, and offer a selection of fun designs to decorate your coffee beverages.

The shaker holds up to 300 g of cocoa powder, and can also be used for icing sugar, powdered spices, or flour when baking. It is dishwasher safe.