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Movaty Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister

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The Movaty Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister is a stylish storage container that will keep the fabulous flavours and intoxicating aromas in your coffee as fresh and fragrant as possible. Coffee stored incorrectly will soon become flat and stale, so it makes good sense to follow the most important rules for preserving it, by not exposing it to air, moisture, heat or light. The Movaty Coffee Canister will keep your coffee dry and protect it from heat, light and oxygen. It will also look good on your kitchen shelf or worktop.

For extra freshness, the Movaty Coffee Canister has a built-in one-way valve that allows co2 to escape, but keeps oxygen out. Another useful feature is an adjustable calendar wheel on the lid that can record the date you put your coffee in. A measuring spoon is included.

The canister can also be used to store tea, powdered ingredients, nuts and spices.