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Techniques - Written by Miles Spencer

How should you grind Monsoon Malabar coffee?

Monsoon Malabar is a gourmet coffee with a smooth, mellow taste produced because the coffee beans are exposed to the moisture-laden monsoon winds of South India. People enjoy this coffee for the rich chocolatey/red wine notes with a hit of smoky sweetness. It can be purchased already ground or as beans.

Reasons to buy Monsoon Malabar Beans

The idea of buying Monsoon Malabar beans rather than ready ground is no different than any other type of coffee. While ready ground is convenient, especially if you drink a lot of one particular type of coffee, grinding your own beans enables you to control the quantity you grind each time and also the freshness of the coffee.

If you buy beans, you have to decide whether to buy raw beans or ready-roasted. Buying raw beans enables you to control the level of roasting as to whether you prefer a light or dark roast.

Roasting Monsoon Malabar coffee beans at home is quite simple and can be achieved without any special equipment. Lay the beans out on a baking tray and roast until they're the colour you prefer.

How to Grind Monsoon Malabar Beans

You have various ways to grind coffee beans at home. You can invest in a specific coffee grinder if you grind a lot. This can be a choice between a blade grinder, burr grinder, conical burr or hand grinder. You can even use a regular blender.

The most important question whatever you choose is how fine or coarse a grind you want. Roughly, there are four levels of grind:

Coarse: This produces the largest granules of coffee and is good for cafetieres and percolators.

Medium: This has the texture of granulated sugar and is good for drip and filtered methods of brewing.

Fine: Like a coarse powder, it is usually referred to as espresso grind. It is ideal for espresso machines and also filtered and drip brewing.

Pulverised: Also known as Turkish grind, this is a very fine powder and can often only be achieved with a special grinder.

It is simply a case of experimentation to achieve the roast and grind you want to achieve your perfect cup of Monsoon Malabar.

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