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Coffee for Offices

For most of us, a cup of great coffee is an essential part of our working day. A workplace coffee fix can give us the pick-me-up we need to kickstart a productive morning, beat an afternoon slump or supercharge a team meeting.

At Coffee Direct, we supply thousands of businesses around the country with freshly roasted coffee, offering attractive discounts for trade customers and multiple orders. From our wide range of speciality coffees to the best coffee for offices, below we explore five reasons why you should head to for your next office coffee order.

Coffee for offices: 5 reasons to choose Coffee Direct

1. We sell over 100 types of speciality coffee

One of the things we can guarantee at Coffee Direct is you’ll never get bored with our selection of high-quality roasts. We roast over 100 varieties of single-origin coffee, coffee blends and flavoured coffee, each selected by our team for their superior taste and quality. This diverse range includes rare coffees such as the luxurious Kopi Luwak and the famous Blue Mountain Jamaica, as well as delicious coffee blends available exclusively at Coffee Direct.

Our carefully curated selection allows you and your team to taste your way around the world, exploring different coffees together. One delivery could take you to the mountains of Costa Rica, the next, the paradisal island of Sumatra. Alternatively, your business can select its own range from our 100+ products, giving staff more choice when it comes to their next work brew.

2. We save you money on your office coffee orders

As one of the UK's leading coffee suppliers for offices, we offer trade discounts with our “Subscribe & Save” service and multipack orders, and provide a complimentary office coffee delivery service for UK customers.

Office Coffee

Our “Subscribe & Save” option is one of our most popular coffee solutions for busy offices, as you only need to set your coffee subscription preferences once to receive a regular coffee delivery. You don’t need to remember to buy more coffee for the office or risk running out of coffee machine supplies, and never again will you waste money buying expensive bags from high street coffee shops.

Unlike some coffee suppliers for offices, we don’t deliver 5kg bags of coffee, which can quickly lose freshness. Instead, you can choose a range of multipack options, which are always sealed with one-way valves in foil fresh bags. You can also opt for whole bean coffee or different grind sizes (e.g. super-fine for a coffee machine or medium-coarse for a cafetiere).

3. We deliver the freshest coffee to your office

Not only are our coffees packaged for optimum freshness, but we also roast in small batches and only roast when an order is placed. This roasting process means we only ever deliver the freshest possible, flavour-packed coffee beans to your work. Never again will you have to worry that coffee for the office has gone stale.

4. We keep business subscriptions flexible

We know how dynamic an office can be - one month you may onboard a whole new department, and the next you could be hosting fewer work meetings than usual. With all our coffee office services and subscriptions, customers are free to amend, skip or cancel their orders without any penalty, at any time.

5. We cater to all popular brewing methods

From the latest office coffee machines and bean-to-cup devices to pour-over and stove-top coffee makers, we provide expertly ground beans for a diverse mix of brewing methods (e.g. super-fine grounds for your office coffee machines or whole bean coffee if employees like grinding their beans).

If your team decides to experiment with different brewing methods and equipment, you can change the grind size of upcoming coffee orders. Staff can then switch it up between coffee for cafetieres, coffee for bean-to-cup machine, coffee for filter machines, coffee for percolators or any other brewing device.

Whether your office loves discovering new filter coffee products from around the world, or your team simply wants to make a saving on their regular espresso machine beans, Coffee Direct is the best office coffee supplier around. For inspiration for coffee for your office, you can browse all our options online (including speciality coffee equipment and teas) or discuss UK trade discounts for offices.