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Coffee for Cafes

We offer a number of options for cafe and coffee shop owners to find exotic, flavourful and exciting coffees, to suit a variety of preparation methods. Trade discounts are available.

Coffee for Cafes

We supply thousands of coffee shops and cafes with freshly roasted coffee, all with attractive trade customers discounts. Whether you want a white label product to sell under your own brand, speciality coffees to brighten up your menu, or a steady supply of our best-selling coffee beans for your coffee machine, we’re here to help. We know there are a multitude of coffee suppliers for cafes out there, so here are just a few reasons for you to choose

What coffees do we offer?

Your customers deserve variety, and so do you. At you will be spoilt for choice with our selection of high-quality roasts, all available in large 5kg packets or in multipacks. We offer over 100 varieties of single-origin coffee and coffee blends, so there is always something new for you to try. What’s more, our range isn’t limited or compromised because you are buying in large quantities. Included in our range for cafes and coffee shops are rarer products such as the unique Peaberry bean, the luxurious Kopi Luwak and the famous Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee, as well as delicious and exclusive coffee blends of Robusta and Arabica from around the world.

Why should you choose us?

With our Subscribe & Save service, you can take advantage of our trade discounts. Included in this service are complimentary delivery services for UK customers, so you don’t need to break the bank to have a reliable, regular coffee delivery. Just set your coffee preferences, and you won’t ever have to worry about running out of supplies for your coffee machines again!

If your business gets through large quantities of coffee in a short time, then our 5kg bags are perfect for you. But as an alternative, you can choose from a range of smaller multipack options, sealed with one-way valves to preserve freshness. Available in 12x 908g and 20x 454g bags, in either whole coffee beans or a choice of grinds, these are conveniently packaged in outer boxes and still delivered free of charge. Not only are our coffees packaged for optimum freshness, but we also roast in small batches and only when an order is placed. This means we only ever deliver the freshest possible, flavour-packed coffee beans to your outlet.

In today’s world, we know that demand is unpredictable and to help you manage this, we keep our subscriptions flexible. Our customers can easily amend, cancel or skip their orders, at any time, with no penalties.

What cafes and coffee shops do we cater for?

Coffee for Cafes

From the most advanced barista machines and bean-to-cup devices to pour-over and stove-top coffee makers, we provide whole or expertly ground beans for a diverse mix of brewing methods. If you opt for ground coffee, then you aren’t restricted to one type when you order with us. You can select the exact grind size to suit your preparation methods, so you get the very best results with every brew. Your café will have people coming back for an extra cup time and time again!

Why not browse our products for inspiration to liven up your coffee shop. It could be time to change your regular beans or to introduce your customers to a new espresso flavour from around the world. We also stock a wide range of equipment to enhance your café so you can really bring out the best in your beans!

If you want to display coffee products around your venue, or even sell them to your customers to brew at home, we offer a white-label coffee service for you. Over 85 different single-origin and blended coffees can be roasted and then packaged according to your preferences, displaying your business name and logo. We can provide sample packs to help you decide which coffees you would like to stock, and we will roast according to your company requirements.


What kind of coffee do coffee shops use?

There is no single type of coffee that is best for a café or coffee shop, and there are hundreds of options to choose from.

You should consider your target audience to determine which kind of coffee you need to stock. Do you need a large variety of specialty coffee? Do you need a high quantity of Arabica or Robusta coffees? Do you need ground coffee or beans for your coffee machine? Will you be serving mainly filter and cafetiere brews, or those with an espresso base?

The quality of your coffee will largely define what people think about your cafe and company, so once you have answered some of the above questions it is worth investing the time to find the right supplier and beans to meet your needs.

What coffee is served in a café?

Once upon a time, cafes were known for selling low-quality tea and coffee to accompany a hearty breakfast and other delicious food items. Fortunately, we have evolved and coffee shops, cafes and coffeehouses now focus more on the quality and variety of hot drinks. As a standard, you can expect a café to serve various coffees such as espresso, latte, flat white and cappuccino. Some of the more coffee-centric cafes will have a wider range, and give you the option to select a particular type of coffee beans for your drink. In such establishments, you might find French press, Turkish, cold brew coffee and recipes for flavoured coffees.

What is the best coffee machine for a small cafe?

With so many coffee machines, espresso machines and high-tech gadgets available it's hard to know exactly what you need for a successful cafe. Before you get carried away with all the added accessories, we recommend that you start by finding an espresso machine that will give your customers a great cup of coffee, time after time. If you get this right you are halfway there!

An espresso machine is designed to create a perfect shot by forcing almost boiling water through finely ground beans. It will also have an arm, or wand, on the machine for you to heat and froth milk plus a hot water spout used to produce the required coffee drink. You will need to have a coffee grinder in addition to this machine, unless you are purchasing coffee grounds. This will finely grind the beans, making them ready for use in the espresso machine.

There are many large espresso machines designed especially for use by a barista in a cafe. Make sure you opt for one that is big enough to accommodate the volume of coffee drinks you plan to serve each day. You don't want to create a backlog of customers because you don't have enough filter handles and wands available to prepare their drinks quickly.

As an alternative you could purchase a bean-to-cup machine for your cafe, and these are especially popular if coffee is not going to be the main focus of your business. A bean to cup machine grinds the beans, extracts the espresso shot and prepares the milk (if required) all automatically. All you need to do is press a button. These machines can be more expensive compared to the traditional option, but they do reduce your labour time considerably, and you don't need to be a skilled barista to use one. In the coffee world, bean to cup options were not highly rated due to the quality of coffee they produced, but this has changed recently, so they don't need to be avoided anymore. These are quite commonly used by small restaurants who sell limited cups of coffee, don't have a barista or have limited space to fit coffee grinders and espresso machines.

If coffee is the main focus of your cafe, then a traditional espresso machine is still probably the best option, as it gives you a wider range and the flexibility to make every drink unique to your customers. It also looks more impressive.