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Flavoured Coffee

For something a little different, why not try our flavoured coffees? Enhanced with subtle flavours and pleasing aromas, these blends open up a new world of coffee tastes, and with a wide selection to chose from there's sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Favourites include Hazelnut coffee, Vanilla Nut and Chocolate Mocha flavoured varieties.

We do not recommend the use of our flavoured coffees in Bean-to-Cup coffee machines, as some built-in grinders may struggle with the oil-based flavourings used. Manual grinders are generally better suited to these varieties.

Welcome to the weird, wonderful, and tasty world of flavoured coffee

Whether you have a favourite coffee that you reach for every day, or you prefer to experiment with different origin varieties, it’s sometimes fun to mix up your caffeine routine with some of the more unusual gourmet coffee flavours. We're not just talking about opting for an Indonesian Sumatra Coffee over your usual Dark Colombian Coffee, more like suggesting you open your java world up to more adventurous coffees such as cinnamon, whisky or mint chocolate flavoured coffee beans.

If you're up for swapping your regular type of Arabica Coffee Beans for a more left-field coffee experience, you will find below our answers to some of the most popular questions we are asked about flavoured coffee beans.

How is flavoured coffee made?

Flavoured coffees are made by adding natural or synthetic flavouring oils to roasted coffee beans. When it comes to natural flavouring, processes tend to involve the extraction of oils from ingredients such as cocoa beans, berries, spices or nuts, which are then used to coat regular beans.

Some of the more unusual flavours, that can’t easily be extracted from natural ingredients, can be created by using a synthetic flavouring process that adds chemical additives to roasted beans. This process often gives whole beans and flavoured ground coffee a slightly shiny gloss.

What is the best flavoured coffee?

Flavoured Coffee

Picking the best flavour in this coffee category is hard, as taste is a truly subjective matter. However, to help you with your next flavour-packed home delivery, we've divided our wide range of gourmet roasts into four categories, matching up a selection of a few of our customers’ favourite drinks recommendations. This flavouring technique is best avoided for anyone looking for low oil coffee beans.

Why should I try flavoured coffee?

Tasting coffee that's a world away from your normal order is a great way to expand your coffee knowledge, work out what flavours you do and don't like and find products that you truly love.

Being open to the possibility of new taste experiences and trying all sorts of flavours will make you a more well-rounded coffee expert.

Which flavoured coffee is the sweetest?

Some brands create super sweet flavours that can be a little too sweet for some palates, so if you love your roast sweet why not try something a little less intense such as our vanilla flavoured coffee beans or banana coffee brew?

Flavoured Coffee

Where can I buy flavoured coffee?

Coffee Direct has a range of different flavoured coffees for you to choose from - whether you're looking for something fruity, nutty or boozy. Our different flavours for coffee make excellent gifts, so if you're shopping for someone else, why not go for one of our subscriptions or gift cards, allowing the recipient to choose for themselves? You can also enjoy free shipping on your order or if you choose a subscription, you get 15% off your purchase!

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