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Colombian coffee, San Agustin, single origin coffee -

Colombian San Agustin Coffee is a fabulous single origin coffee that is mild in strength, but full of flavour. It is sourced from coffee plantations located in the majestic Andean Mountains, where coffee plants grow in rich, volcanic soil, and flourish in the cool shade of tropical trees. Colombian coffee beans are renowned for being some of the best you can buy for their quality and flavour, and Colombian San Agustin Coffee is a fine example of this, yielding a wonderful smooth caramel sweetness, with citrusy notes, a nutty aftertaste, and delicate floral aroma.

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insulated, rCUP, recyclable, sustainable, travel mug - is delighted to announce the addition of the remarkable rCUP to its range. This travel mug with a difference is one of the most innovative ideas on the scene today, and a great way to keep your drinks hot or cold when you’re on the go.

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Bugishu Coffee, Mellow, Mild, Ugandan coffee -

Bugishu Coffee is a great choice for those who prefer a milder cup without having to compromise on flavour. This delicious coffee is sourced from regions of North East Uganda, that include the western slopes of East Africa’s oldest, extinct volcano, Mount Elgon, where the finest Arabica beans grow. The complex flavours of Bugishu Coffee are characteristic of the type of exotic coffees this part of Africa is renowned for, revealing wonderful ripe berry and floral notes, with a smooth, chocolatey finish. It is a light to medium bodied coffee, with a clean taste, slight acidity, and distinctive aroma.

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Ethiopia, fruity, Harrar Longberry Coffee, unique -

Grown in Ethiopia’s Eastern Highlands, Harrar Longberry Coffee is made from possibly the oldest bean still being produced. It is so named because the beans are characteristically longer and more pointed in shape than other Ethiopian Arabica beans, and are considered to be the finest, reputedly having the most diverse and complex flavours to be found in coffee beans.

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mellow, Papua New Guinea Coffee, tropical -

Papua New Guinea Coffee is the perfect coffee to drink at any time of day. It is rich and mellow, with a wonderful complexity that delivers distinctive chocolate and nut flavours, a sweet, tropical fruit finish and an intoxicating aroma.

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