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coffee blends, espresso coffees, kick start the week, Monday mornings | | Written by Janice Spencer

Monday morning always seems to come round too soon after the weekend, and some of us may need a little boost to get back into gear. But Coffee-Direct is on hand, with a great selection of lively coffee blends designed to perk you up and get you motivated for the week ahead.

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climate change, Coffea Stenophylla, Dr Aaron Davis, Jeremy Haggar, Lost coffee of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone | | Written by Janice Spencer

The consequences of global climate change are sadly becoming more evident as each year passes, with weather extremes, floods and drought wreaking havoc across the world. Such damaging effects are becoming a cause for concern to the 100 million coffee farmers who rely on coffee cultivation for their livelihoods, as well as all those involved in coffee production.

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Colombian coffee, full bodied, Kenyan coffee, medium roast, New Blends | | Written by Janice Spencer

Coffee-Direct has just launched three delightful new coffee blends that you may like to try. All of these blends are medium roasted and suitable to be used with cafetière, filter, percolator or Turkish brewing methods:

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Indian Coffee, medium roast, Monsoon Malabar, Mysore Coffee | | Written by Janice Spencer

Mysore Coffee is a great one to try if you like your coffee smooth, sweet and mellow. This well-balanced, medium roast coffee is wonderfully aromatic and has light, delicate flavours that combine well with its medium acidity. It’s delightful to drink as it is, but also blends particularly well with mocha coffee. It is suitable for use with cafetiere, filter, percolator, Turkish, and vacuum or syphon brewing methods.

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| Written by Janice Spencer

This year, Coffee-Direct is delighted to be supporting the 2021 Virtual Lymington Lifeboat 10k and Children’s Fun Runs. The Lymington 10k Run is an exciting event supported and run by Lymington Lifeboat volunteers, and usually takes place in and around the beautiful coastal town of Lymington.

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