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Asian coffee, full-bodied, low-caffeine, single-origin, speciality coffee, Thai coffee, Thailand Doi Chang Coffee -

Thailand Doi Chang Coffee offers something deliciously different for the speciality coffee lover. This quality, single-origin coffee is grown and produced in the beautiful mountain region of Doi Chang in northern Thailand’s Chiang Ria Province. A smooth and full-bodied cup, Thailand Doi Chang has a balanced acidity, delicious caramel and nut flavours, and a unique, rich aroma. It has a relatively high oil level, a low caffeine content, and is suitable for all brewing methods.

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Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to indulge in some delicious seasonal flavours. An opportunity to embrace the festive mood while the rich aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and gingerbread give you that truly festive feeling.

So coffee lovers, rejoice! You can titillate your taste buds with some warming, flavoured coffees, all from the comfort of your home.

And if flavoured coffees are not your thing, why not spoil yourself or a loved one with a variety of new blends, all guaranteed to warm your soul.

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If you prefer your coffee to have an intense taste and powerful flavours then you are probably a fan of strong coffee. But what does strong actually mean?

Many people claim to love strong coffee, and what they are actually referring to is the intense hit they get from a high level of caffeine. Others classify strong as a high ratio of ground coffee to water.

Despite what you may see and hear, strong coffee doesn’t necessarily mean lots of caffeine; at Coffee-Direct.co.uk, we define ‘strong coffee’ based on the perceived strength of a brewed cup, and this is determined by a variety of factors. Coffees that have rich, intense flavours, which are usually those with a darker roast, are considered strong. A heavy body and powerful aromas will also contribute to its strength rating.

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caramel notes, dark roast, medium-bodied, Vietnam Arabica Coffee, woody -

Vietnam Arabica Coffee is smooth and mellow with a natural sweetness, making it a great all-rounder for all your favourite coffee beverages. This medium strength coffee is medium-bodied with a low acidity. It is mild, but rich in flavour, being slightly fruity with woody and caramel notes, and it has a most delightful aroma. The perfect choice for your flat white, latte, cappuccino or macchiato.

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aromatic coffees, caramel notes, citrus notes, dark roast, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, Guatemalan coffee, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Process -

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee offers the best of both worlds to those who love the wonderful characteristics of a fine Guatemalan coffee but would prefer to avoid caffeine. A medium bodied cup with a bright, pleasant acidity, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated has a flavour profile that offers subtle hints of citrus and caramel and a delicious rich aroma. It is a dark roast with a relatively high oil level.

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