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To pledge our support for the dedicated NHS staff and volunteers who are working so hard in caring for those affected by COVID-19, and have now included an option to add a small donation to your order as you check out, with the difference being donated to the NHS Charities Together fundraising effort. We will also match every customer donation.

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Those who love coffee know just how good it makes them feel, and it’s evident this fabulous drink can offer health benefits too. But have you ever thought of making your coffee even healthier by adding superfood ingredients, to concoct an elixir that’s nutritious and delicious, with an energising boost?

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Drinking coffee has for hundreds of years been a cultural tradition across the world, and in the UK alone it is estimated around 95 million cups are consumed each day. There’s probably never been a better time to drink coffee, given the wealth of sublime varieties available, with consumers becoming more aware of the origins and characteristics of speciality coffees. You don’t have to go far to find a coffee house or cafe selling speciality coffee, and those people who choose to brew it at home can now produce a quality cup worthy of the most competent barista. 

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For Mother’s Day this year, why not give mum a fabulous gift of speciality coffee? Coffee-Direct has over 100 wonderful coffees to choose from, and some great gift ideas to make any mother smile.

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Brazil Ipanema Coffee is a speciality single origin coffee made from exclusively prepared bourbon variety coffee beans. This most flavoursome, medium-bodied cup is slightly citric, with a noticeable acidity and evident floral overtones. It has a smooth, mellow taste and delightful, rich aroma. The aftertaste is long, pleasant and almondy.

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