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aromatic, fruity, origin coffee, sweet, Tanzania Coffee -

Tanzania Coffee is a medium strength origin coffee, with wonderful complex flavours and a divine aroma. African coffees are generally known for being deliciously fruity and sweet, and Tanzania Coffee delivers all this and more. It has been variously described as having sweet berry flavours, being intense and creamy, soft, floral, rich and interesting, with a bright and lively acidity. It is a particularly aromatic coffee, and perfect to brew in a cafetière or filter machine.

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Christmas gifts, Coffee Gift Hamper, Coffee Gift Subscriptions, Coffee Gift Voucher -

If you're looking for inspiration for gifts this Christmas, Coffee-Direct.co.uk has a few suggestions that are sure to surprise and delight, from a single bag of delicious origin coffee to a luxury coffee gift hamper. Whether the recipient is a coffee connoisseur or novice, a fabulous gift of coffee is a great way to show someone you care.

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AeroPress, eco-friendly, espresso coffees, filter coffees -

An AeroPress is an inexpensive and easy to use device for making a perfectly brewed, clean cup of coffee. It first made an appearance in 2005, being the brainchild of American inventor, Alan Adler, whose inventions have included a number of aerodynamic toys, notably the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. The fact that the AeroPress is lightweight, compact and portable, makes it ideal for travelling, overnight stays and camping trips. It's also simple to clean and eco-friendly.

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Christmas coffees, festive, fruity, spicy, winter coffees -

With winter and the festive season not so far away, now is a great time to check out Coffee-Direct.co.uk's fantastic range of winter coffees and festive treats. Here you will find delicious coffee blends with fabulous comforting flavours, to keep you warm on chilly December evenings and get you into the Christmas spirit.

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bean-to-cup machines, clogged machine, oily coffee -

When coffee beans are roasted the oils within them are released, particularly so with beans that are roasted for longer periods. This shouldn't be a problem when beans are ground separately before brewing, but for users of bean-to-cup machines this oiliness can sometimes interfere with the mechanism of their machines, causing problems with beans getting stuck and not flowing effectively into the grinding plates. There are some measures, however, that can be taken to try to avoid this frustrating situation.

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