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Coffee for Hotels

Are you happy with the coffee that you serve at your hotel? More importantly, are your guests happy with it? Surveys show, unfortunately, that up to 75% of people staying at hotels are dissatisfied with the coffee served in the bar, restaurant or as room service; and 40% say the experience will be a factor in deciding whether they will use the same hotel again. Keeping the customer satisfied with their brew of coffee is a vital part of your business, but it can be very tricky to pull off. That's where can help. We supply boutique hotels and larger chains with great tasting coffee, freshly roasted - and all with generous trade discounts.

Coffee for Hotels

Why choose

Hotel guests demand variety - maybe they want a drink with a kick, or something smooth and mellow; a coffee that's rich and fruity, or soft and chocolatey. No problem; at you will be spoilt for choice with our selection. With more than 100 varieties of single-origin coffees and blends, there is sure to be something just right for your guests. We never compromise on quality. Neither should you. Our most popular blends are supplied in 5kg packets, or you can opt for our multipacks of 12x 908g and 20x 454g coffee bags - perfect for specialities such as the delicious Kopi Luwak from Indonesia and the famous Blue Mountain. Our coffees are packaged for optimum freshness, and we roast in small batches only when an order is placed - so we deliver the freshest possible, flavour-packed coffee beans to your hotel.

With our Subscribe & Save Coffee Subscription service, you can take advantage of our trade discounts. Complimentary delivery services for UK customers are included, so you don't need to break the bank to have a reliable, regular delivery. Just set your coffee preferences, and you won't ever have to worry about running out of supplies for your hotel coffee machines again!

We are realists and understand that demand is unpredictable. To help you manage this, we keep our subscriptions flexible. Customers can easily amend, cancel or skip their orders, at any time, without penalty.

At we have a huge and varied range for you to choose from. Whether you use top-of-the-range barista machines or a simple coffee pot; whether your choice is whole coffee beans or ground coffee; whether you have your own preferred style of brewing or want a specific blend for your guests that is unique to your hotel, we can offer just what you are looking for.

Sounds tempting? Take a look at our top five coffee products for the hotel trade.

Best-selling hotel coffee

Coffee for Hotels
  • Monsoon Malabar Coffee is one of India's most sought-after coffees and has proved to be a big favourite among our customers. The unique washing process gives these beans their signature taste profile, intensely rich flavours and aromas. This Indian roast is an exceptional single-origin coffee. Heavy-bodied and nutty, with hints of dark chocolate and spices, it makes an excellent espresso while the flavours really come through in a cappuccino or flat white.
  • Equally well-suited to a morning espresso or a luxuriant afternoon latte or cappuccino is our Golden Crema Coffee, a creme de la creme blend that is rich and bold with a knockout aroma and taste: perfectly suitable for bean-to-cup machines, cafetiere, espresso, filter and Turkish coffee.
  • Our Italian Coffee blend is roasted quite lightly to impart good flavour, ideal for smooth and intense espressos, but it doesn't stop there; packed with taste and aroma, it is truly versatile, suitable for a range of brewing methods.
  • If you want a delicious coffee without the buzz of a caffeine hit, decaffeinated beans are the perfect alternative. Some decaf coffee solutions have little taste, yet one happy exception is the result of the unique Swiss Water Decaffeination Process. This highly technical and intensive method is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and results in a smooth and flavourful coffee with good crema. Our Swiss Water Decaf is a full-bodied brew from Colombia; so full of flavour that you wouldn't even know it's decaffeinated. Ideally prepared in cafetieres, with a filter or in an espresso machine.
  • Our Barista Reserve Coffee is a sweet, mellow blend highly recommended for business meetings, professional events and other situations where you want a good all-rounder that will suit everyone's tastes. Its subtle flavours and low acidity make for a smooth, delicious coffee. Suitable for all filter coffees, it is good as a top-quality espresso, straight from a cafetiere, but equally good from a percolator.

So if you want to improve the coffee experience for your guests, get in touch with us today.