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Origin Coffee Gift Pack

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All of our coffees stay fresh unopened for up to 9 months. Our teas stay fresh unopened for up to 12 months.

A hand-picked selection of our favourite single origin coffees that have been sourced from popular coffee-growing regions around the world. These beans reveal the delightful range of unique characteristics and flavour profiles that are found in coffees produced in single growing regions.

Our gift packs do not include any receipts or invoices when delivered, so you can choose to send them directly to your recipient.

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Our Origin gift pack includes six 125g packs of the following coffees:

Kenya Peaberry - Kenya Peaberry is grown in the Nyeri region, situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya, where acidic soils provide the perfect conditions for coffee that is known for intense flavours and well-rounded aromas.

Blue Sumatra - This strong Indonesian coffee comes from Sumatra and is considered among the finest examples from the region. Our Blue Sumatra is smooth and aromatic, with a well-balanced spiciness that is typical of Sumatran coffees, while a full body and a little acidity provide a delightful hint of intensity, making this a pleasure to drink from a cafetière, filter, or as an espresso.

Monsoon Malabar - Monsoon Malabar, a wonderful variety from our Asian coffee range, is picked in the Malabar region of India, one of the wettest regions of southern India, and undergoes an especially unique process to bring out the fullest flavours. This strong coffee, unique to the coastal regions of Karnataka and Kerala, makes an excellent espresso when dark roasted but also blends incredibly well with other varieties.

Kivu - Our mild Kivu coffee has a distinct and complex fruity flavour that lingers on the tongue and unique aromas that you won't find in any other beans, and it is ideal for filter or cafetière use when preparing all your favourite drinks. Kivu, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo's mountainous region near Lake Kivu, is a region characterised by lush vegetation and fertile, volcanic soil that is ideal for the production of fine arabica coffee beans.

Nicaragua - Our Nicaraguan is a mild coffee of medium strength, with a great taste that is ideal for all your favourite filter coffees at any time of day. Coffee first came to Nicaragua in the mid 1800s and to this day coffee is a prime trade product for Nicaragua, where areas such as Matagalpa and Jinotega have become renowned for producing exquisite coffees, particularly in the Isabelia and Dariense mountain ranges.

Old Brown Java - Ideal for espresso, our strong Old Brown Java beans are aged as green beans for at least two years before being roasted, giving the coffee a heavier body and a powerful flavour, but very little acidity. The process of ageing beans is popular among many Javanese coffee producers and can last for as long as three years, during which time the green beans may be 'monsooned' by being exposed to the warm, moist air of the rainy seasons.

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