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Coffee Catering Sachets - 100 x 50g has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Coffee Catering Sachets - 100 x 50g

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If you are looking to source delicious, fresh coffee for your hotel or conference requirements, Coffee-Direct can now provide you with our wonderful coffee packaged in convenient 50g sachets – a perfect way to further impress your guests during their visit.

You may already be providing your guests with packets of instant coffee, but there is research to suggest that the usual coffee options offered in hotels can lead to a more negative overall experience than perhaps expected.

How Coffee Affects Guests’ Experiences
A study has shown that 75% of respondents rated the quality of in-room coffee supplied by hotels as either poor or average. Boutique hotels ranked the lowest in the survey, behind Bed and Breakfasts, with 40% of respondents describing the coffee sold in boutique hotels as very poor. What’s more, another study indicates that respondents have actually experienced nostalgia for a destination, based on the coffee they enjoyed during their stay.

These big figures are a convincing indicator that hotel guests really do care about the quality of their coffee – it can even be seen to be a decisive factor in how guests choose their hotel, whether for private stays, events, conventions or business meetings.

The Coffees
Our catering sachets are available in two choices of coffee: Italian Coffee and Golden Crema Coffee.

Italian Coffee
Our Italian Coffee is equally suited for smooth, intense espressos and full-flavoured lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos. Each sachet creates a coffee of strong flavours, a full body and rich aromas that will be ideal for that first coffee of the day.

Golden Crema
This is the crème de la crème of coffee blends, a robust, rich and bold coffee of the highest quality. The strong blend makes an exquisite espresso and is an excellent base for all your favourite filter coffees: the luxurious texture is brought to the forefront when you add steamed milk, creating creamy, silky lattes and cappuccinos that are the height of comfort.

Perfectly suited to cafetiere use and for filter coffee preparation, our coffees are freshly roasted by our expert roasters before being ground to the ideal size and immediately packaged. Once packaged, our coffee will remain fresh, unopened, for nine months, meaning you won’t have to worry about maintaining stock of our delicious, aromatic coffee throughout the year.

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