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Coffee Club UK

Join our monthly or weekly coffee clubs to explore amazing flavours of coffee from all over the world. You can choose your preferred grind or whole beans, and there is no minimum commitment.

6 reasons our coffee club is the best

For today's UK coffee drinkers, choosing the right coffee club subscription can be an overwhelming task. Type "Coffee Club UK" into Google and your quick search leads you to a staggering 314,000,000 results.

At, we cut through the noise on the coffee scene by keeping our memberships simple. We have two different speciality coffee club options, a monthly subscription (Coffee of the Month) and a weekly subscription (The Discovery Club). Avoiding any fuss or confusion allows us to focus on what we do best - deliver the best coffees in the world to our customers' doors.

From our huge range of over 100 coffees to our flexible membership options, below we outline six reasons why is the UK's best coffee club provider.

1. Members get access to over 100 speciality roasts

Speciality Roasts

Compared to other coffee clubs, the variety of coffees available to our Coffee of the Month and Discovery Club members is huge. We offer over 100 different high-quality roasts, including rare varieties such as Kopi Luwak and exclusive blends available only at Coffee Direct.

The carefully curated monthly or weekly selection is designed to introduce you to new flavour profiles from around the world. One delivery could offer you a taste of Ethiopia’s legendary Harrar beans, whereas the next could take you to Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains.

2. Only the freshest coffees are delivered to your door

Our coffees are expertly roasted in small batches and only roasted when you place your order. This roasting process means you’ll only ever receive the freshest possible beans. You’ll never need to check your delivery’s roast date because we guarantee your coffee will always arrive flavour-packed with gorgeous room-filling aromas.

3. We keep memberships flexible Membership

Our members are free to amend or cancel their subscriptions without any penalty, at any time. All aspects of our fine coffee club memberships are easily manageable through our online customer portal designed for optimum user experience.

For example, at the click of a button, you can skip an order for a month or, you could increase the number of bags you'd like to receive (perfect for months you know you have coffee drinking guests to stay, or late nights that require a little extra caffeine fuel).

4. Customers have complete control over deliveries

We know that some coffee drinkers can’t go without several caffeine hits a day, whereas others prefer to stick to a single morning pick-me-up. Our coffee subscription models cater for both coffee guzzlers and coffees sippers, with the weekly and monthly options.

Our Coffee of the Month option is also considered by many as the best monthly coffee club, not just for the huge variety it offers, but also for the ease at which you can change its frequency. Naturally, we’d suggest opting for a monthly delivery; however, each month you can reduce or increase the amount of coffee you receive effortlessly to suit your preferences.

5. Our memberships allow you to switch between brewing methods

With Coffee Direct subscriptions, you’ll never have to choose between your favourite filter device or your espresso coffee machine. Members can easily change their subscription to suit their weekly or monthly brewing method of choice.

One delivery you could opt for expertly sized coffee grounds for cafetiere brewing and the next could include super-fine grounds for your coffee machine. You can also choose between whole beans instead of pre-ground beans if you’d like to master the art of grinding yourself.

6. You can treat a fellow coffee lover to a coffee club gift

Coffee club gift subscriptions are excellent present ideas for all coffee drinkers, from the connoisseur to the trend-seeking millennial. Coffee Club gifts can be ordered by simply entering the postal address you’d like us to deliver the weekly or monthly coffee selection to.

You can also include a coffee club gift card with the order to add a personal touch, or buy vouchers for additional Coffee Direct products available on our website, such as brewing equipment or other speciality hot drinks.

Find out more about our two coffee club subscription options on the Coffee Direct website. The coffee club subscriptions we offer include free delivery to UK addresses. However, please note that voucher codes do not apply to our subscription products. For all delivery information and terms and conditions, please visit our website.