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General Information - Written by Miles Spencer

How strong is Turkish coffee?

A lot of factors affect the strength of a Turkish coffee, namely the caffeine content. Generally, a cup of Turkish coffee is about two to five ounces. Each cup has approximately 50 to 65 mg of caffeine, although it can be as low as 40 mg.

Typically made with Arabica beans, a Turkish coffee’s strength can vary depending on how it is made. The average caffeine content is based on a teaspoon of ground coffee used to make the brew. Some households in Turkey like to add two teaspoons of ground coffee, for example. This doubles the caffeine content and creates a much stronger cup of coffee.

The process of making Turkish coffee results in a small yet intense and concentrated amount of coffee. In terms of aroma and flavour, Turkish coffee has a strong taste. Since the ground coffee beans are not filtered, some of it remains suspended in the drink. The very fine grind contributes to a thicker coffee and stronger taste compared to a regular cup of coffee.

Turkish coffee is considered a moderate coffee. That said, when it was first introduced in Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century concerns were raised over its potency. Strict interpretations of the Quran consider the coffee to be a drug and consumption of the drink was banned. By the 17th century, however, it was so popular that even the sultan served the coffee in ceremonies.

When comparing it to a strong coffee like an espresso, it is not as potent in terms of caffeine content. An espresso is usually about an ounce and has between 30 and 50 mg of caffeine. The caffeine in a double espresso, which is comparable in volume to a standard Turkish coffee, is around 100 mg.

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