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Techniques - Written by Miles Spencer

How to make strong black coffee

Many people drink their coffee black because they like the flavour. If you're someone who enjoys it very dark and strong, you probably find the average cup pretty weak. Fortunately, there's an easy fix.

Not only will making your black coffee stronger result in more flavour when you drink it, but you can also concentrate the caffeine content. That makes it a tasty choice in the morning to help get you going, but how do you get the job done

Making strong coffee is as simple as adjusting your water to coffee grounds ratio. Most standard directions for brewing coffee suggest using 2 tablespoons of grounds for each 1 cup of water. Make your coffee stronger by using the same amount of water but add more grounds when you brew it.

Choosing dark roasted coffee beans can also result in a stronger cup of joe. That's because the darker the beans, the longer they've been roasted. This creates a more intense flavour that makes your coffee taste stronger. The best dark roasted beans for strong coffee are Arabica beans.

If you grind your own coffee beans, pay attention to their size. If you can't fully dissolve the grounds in the water, your coffee will taste weak. At the same time, grinding your beans too much dilutes their strong flavour. Practice grinding to the ideal consistency and you should have no trouble getting a strong cup of coffee.

Finally, using hotter water to brew coffee can help create a stronger taste. The best temperature is about 35°C. This will give you a more intense flavour, but you won't risk burning the coffee while it brews.

The best thing is you can mix and match these methods and have fun experimenting until you find your perfect technique and your perfect mug of strong black coffee.

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