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Techniques - Written by Miles Spencer

How to make strong coffee

Most people have a preference as to how they take their coffee. Some like its intensity tempered with milk and sugar, while others like it dark and strong. A cup of strong coffee is typically made from dark roasted beans, is high in caffeine and has an intense flavour. People who love their coffee strong may have a hard time getting what they want, unless they make it themselves.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make your coffee as strong as you like it. You can do this at home, saving you time and money. So, how do you make the perfect cup of strong coffee?

First and most obviously, source a coffee that is described as strong.

If caffeine is what you're after, you can make your cup of coffee stronger simply by brewing it for longer. At the same time, you might be surprised to find you'll get a higher caffeine content by using lighter roasted coffee beans.

On the other hand, if a stronger taste is what you want, you'll get that from using coffee beans that are dark roasted. The longer the beans are roasted, the more intense their flavour will be because it concentrates during the cooking process. You can also achieve a stronger taste in your coffee cup by using more grounds in your water to grounds ratio. This will naturally make the coffee taste stronger, as there's more coffee being used in the same amount of water.

Using a French press (aka cafetiere) to brew your coffee is another easy way to get a stronger flavour. A drip machine will work, but you are likely to see a big difference if you try using a press instead.

There's nothing like starting the day with a good cup of strong coffee. Making it yourself is fun and allows you to get exactly what you want, each and every time.

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