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Techniques - Written by Miles Spencer

How to make very strong coffee

Strong coffee is the choice many people make when they brew their morning cup. Strong can refer to the intensity of the flavour, the caffeine content or the darkness of beans used to make it. No matter why you like it dark, learning to prepare it at home ensures the perfect morning mug every single day.

Instead of hitting the coffee shop on your way to work, make your own very strong coffee right at home. You'll have all of the control for getting it just the way you like it. So, how does it work?

One of the best things you can do is to buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself. This allows you to get them as dark as you'd like. Grinding them after roasting ensures a fresh flavour and can enhance the taste of the finished product.

Another trick for getting perfectly strong coffee is to change your water to grounds ratio. Traditionally, you would use two tablespoons of grounds for each cup of water. Add more grounds to that cup of water and you get a stronger cup of coffee without having to change anything else.

Grind size is also important. Grounds that are too big won't dissolve completely, leaving you with a weak tasting cup of coffee. Not to mention the grounds that will end up in your mouth as you drink it.

Using hotter water can also help you achieve perfection. The higher temperatures help the grounds dissolve better, making the coffee stronger as it brews. Hot water also helps extract more of the flavour from the coffee you choose.

Try some different methods for brewing a very strong cup of coffee to see what works best for you. Once you figure it out, get ready to enjoy perfection every morning.

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