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General Information - Written by Miles Spencer

What is a good strong coffee?

There are two answers to this question, and the right answer in each case depends on what you’re looking for from your coffee. And, of course, preferences are often subjective, with tastes and requirements varying from person to person.

The first reply considers the caffeination of the coffee – or how much caffeine you will benefit from. In this case, a good strong coffee will be one with relatively high caffeine levels, that offer the stimulation needed to get your busy working day off to a great start. The lighter the roast on a coffee bean, usually the higher the caffeine levels will be. This is because roasting diminishes natural caffeine levels slightly. If you are looking for a high-caffeine strong coffee, then you should test a few blends to find the right combination of high-caffeine and dark enough roast for your coffee to taste delicious!

Which point brings us nicely to the second definition of a good strong coffee, which looks at the flavour of the drink. For a strong coffee flavour, this is when a dark roast is desirable. The darker the roast, the more willingly the coffee beans give out their essence. The length of the roasting means the natural acidity of the green beans is vastly reduced, leaving you to enjoy a rich-tasting, strong cup of coffee that is sure to make you sigh with happiness when you take that all important first sip!

What if you want strong caffeine and strong rich flavours? This is also achievable thanks to the various ways that coffee can be made: drip, filter, espresso, percolator and more. Some of these can result in a coffee bean retaining a great deal of its natural caffeine and also offering a rich smooth taste to give you the best of both worlds.

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