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General Information - Written by Miles Spencer

What is strong coffee?

Strong coffee is defined differently depending on who you're talking to. What might be considered strong to one person may not be to another. Knowing exactly what you want when it comes to strong coffee means being able to order it in coffee shops and restaurants. You’ll also be able to make it for yourself at home from beans or grounds you have bought from an online coffee supplier.

There are many ways to describe strong coffee. How do you decide what strong means to you?

Concentration is one way to classify strong coffee. This can be determined by measuring its total dissolved solids. The more grounds that are dissolved in a cup of water, the stronger the resulting cup of coffee will be. To measure this, experts use the quantity of grounds left after brewing coffee to figure out how strong it might be.

Dark roasted coffees are often described as being strong. That's because the longer the coffee beans are cooked, the more concentrated their flavour becomes. When they are ground, you get a more intense flavour as the coffee is brewed. The more taste and body that a cup of coffee has, the stronger it will be.

Another way that people determine if their coffee is strong is how much caffeine it contains. Generally, the more caffeine, the stronger people tend to think it is. Often, when people ask for a strong cup of coffee, they're asking for something that will wake them up and get their bodies and brains moving. This can be achieved by brewing the coffee for longer, as well as by using more grounds in the water.

Ultimately, a strong cup of coffee can be one thing to you, but something entirely different to another person. The fun part is to sample various kinds of coffee and find out for yourself what a strong cup means to you.

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