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General Information - Written by Miles Spencer

What is the best coffee subscription (UK)?

Numerous things are available on subscription including beauty products, flowers, books and magazines, meals, recipes and coffee. Depending on which subscription you sign up to you might receive items each week, bi-weekly, monthly or a bespoke set schedule.

There are numerous benefits to signing up to a subscription for yourself, and equally, the can make a great gift.

Why Sign Up to a Coffee Subscription?

With a coffee subscription you receive coffee at agreed intervals. There's usually a range of options to customise your subscription. But what makes a subscription such a good idea?

You are guaranteed a regular supply of fresh coffee
Coffees are usually roasted to order
Delivery to your door guarantees convenience
It enables you to enjoy a wide variety of coffees
It saves money on high street and online prices

Why Choose Coffee-Direct for Your Subscription?

You can trust an online coffee supplier that has been in business since 2007, especially if you want incredible coffees including specialities like Monsoon Malabar and Kopi Luwak. It's great to have a choice of more than 100 coffees including single origin, speciality blends and seasonal flavours which are roasted and ground freshly for each subscription order.

A Coffee-Direct subscription saves you at least 15 per cent on your coffee and plans are very flexible with four different subscriptions to choose from. You can choose to have your favourite coffee delivered as regularly as you require or you can join a club plan where you are sent lots of different varieties to try. Get a new coffee to try every week in a deal that gives you new and exciting flavours to try at just over 70 pence per cup. It's a great affordable way to try new coffees.

There are no cancellation fees and you can amend your plan at any time.

Is the best UK coffee subscription service? Try and decide for yourself.

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