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| Written by Miles Spencer

1,000 Reviews for Our Monsoon Malabar!


Our Monsoon Malabar coffee has just received its thousandth review!

It’s no surprise that this full-bodied, wonderfully smooth and rich coffee is so popular among our customers; Monsoon Malabar is one of India’s most sought-after beans and is an all-time favourite here at Coffee-Direct.

Perfect for a wide variety of brewing methods, from Bean-to-Cup to cafetiere, espresso maker to percolator, this versatile coffee is packed with delicious flavours and rich aromas of dark chocolate and nuts, making it a fantastic choice for your everyday brew.

Why not see for yourself and try our Monsoon Malabar today?


What some of our customers have to say about our Monsoon Malabar…

“I extensively researched the best coffee beans, and after multiple good reviews I went for this specific coffee, I was not disappointed! I’ve had a bean to cup coffee machine for over 5 years now, this is by far the best coffee I’ve had had out of my machine, so smooth and lovely aroma. Will definitely be buying this again!”

“Great stuff. If you are a coffee lover, then you should try this coffee. Full aromatic coffee.”

“This coffee is a firm favourite amongst the staff at work. With a smooth blend of flavours, it’s a great way to kick start the business in the morning.”

“Love it! We've searching for the perfect espresso coffee for a long time and finally we've found it”

“Superb Monsoon Malabar, full flavoured and aromatic. I've found it increasingly difficult to source this wonderful coffee locally so am so pleased that I tried Coffee Direct. Good value and delivered very quickly.”

“Just a beautiful tasting coffee, that’s what I wanted and that’s what it is. Always fresh tasting and quick to arrive”

“This is my go to coffee of all time. The flavours and aromas are perfect for my morning coffee. Good strength and depth without being bitter.
Always the first in my cart!!”

“I was delighted to discover Monsoon Malabar coffee beans. This variety if bean and its characteristics meet my flavour needs so well. I enjoy its depth of flavour which is brought out so well by the roasting regime used to prepare it for my palate. There is no astringency or bitterness just a blissful smooth taste.”


More on this much-loved coffee bean...

Monsoon Malabar is a unique variety, produced from Arabica coffee beans grown in Malabar, one of the wettest regions of India and known for its wild monsoon season.

Malabar, located in a mountainous region of southern India, provides ideal coffee-growing conditions, with coffee plants grown at high altitudes, surrounded by lush vegetation and nutrient-rich humus soil.

Once picked, a bean from this region undergoes a unique ‘monsooning’ process to bring out its flavours. First, beans are harvested, washed in fresh spring water and left to dry in the sun. Then, they are transported to open warehouses in Karnataka and Kerala on the Malabar coast.

It’s here where the magic happens…

Spread out evenly on the floors of the open warehouses, the beans are exposed to harsh monsoon winds and rain for three to four months. Exposure to these elements allows beans to soak up moisture from the monsoons, causing them to swell in size, turn from green to pale yellow hues and lose much of their acidity. Throughout the "monsooning" process, beans are also regularly raked and moved around to ensure each bean benefits from its new environment, receiving enough ventilation and soaking up plenty of moisture, while avoiding mould.

Our Monsoon Malabar is a heavy-bodied brew that makes a wonderfully mellow and smooth cup of coffee, with deep, rich flavours and aromas. The roast is often described as bold, earthy and sweet, having tobacco and wood notes, as well as intense aromas of dark chocolate and nuts.