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| Written by Miles Spencer

Coffee-Direct Featured on The Taste Test Channel

Taste Test

We are thrilled to be featured on the excellent YouTube channel, The Taste Test Channel.

This informative and impartial channel creates regular taste test videos, comparing food and drink items from around the world, from value products to luxury goods.

We appear in the “Coffee Taste Test” video, which focuses on a selection of six coffees, each renowned for being of very high quality (including the “world’s most expensive coffee!”).

Specifically, the video reviews and compares coffees from six coffee-producing regions around the world and looks at the differences in taste, aroma and appearance between these highly regarded and interesting coffees.

The six regions are:

  • Ethiopia
  • Panama
  • Hawaii
  • Costa Rica
  • Jamaica
  • Colombia

Our featured coffees in the video are our Hawaiian Kona coffee and our Costa Rica coffee, both of which are medium roasted, smooth coffees, and favourites at Coffee-Direct.

What The Taste Test Channel said about our coffees…

Our Hawaii Kona Coffee
Noting that Kona is one of “the world’s finest”, coffees, the video describes our Hawaii Kona as being strong and punchy and having “leafy sweetness in the aroma”, roasted “notes of bark and tobacco”, “grassiness” and a dry finish.

Smooth creamy and full-bodied texture”, with a “wine-like acidity and natural sweetness in the finish”, the video summarises our Hawaii Kona as being “rich and full of character” and “a smooth, quality coffee”.

Our Hawaii Kona also won third place in the taste test!
As the video says: “For those who like more punch in their coffee, with aromatic leafiness and the benefit of superior smoothness, this is a lovely option.

Our Costa Rica Coffee

Taste Test

Noting that Costa Rican coffees are “renowned for high quality”, The Taste Test Channel describes our own Costa Rica coffee as having a strong aroma, a “punchy initial coffee hit and a nutty flavour” and “a very long coffee aftertaste, with some butteriness in the finish”, summarising that it is a “good, strong coffee”. 

More about our featured coffees...

Hawaii Kona Coffee – From £42.99
This luxuriously smooth and pleasingly mild coffee is sourced from a family operated plantation in the small town of Captain Cook, situated on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa.

Such is the perfection of this location that Kona coffees are largely considered one of the finest speciality coffees in the world, and it is only coffee that has been grown in the mineral-rich Kona Districts that can be ascribed with the coveted name.

The exquisite flavours of this coffee make for a truly luxurious treat, with a full body and moderate acidity.

Costa Rica Coffee – From £12.99
Our smooth and mild Cota Rica coffee is a seriously special roast, made from that beans are sourced from a select number of coffee farms and harvested at altitudes of over 2,000 meters above sea level.

These high altitudes allow beans to mature slowly, meaning they are bursting with rich flavours and have a higher acidity.