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Christmas coffees, festive, fruity, spicy, winter coffees - | Written by Janice Spencer

Comforting Coffees for Winter and The Festive Season

With winter and the festive season not so far away, now is a great time to check out's fantastic range of winter coffees and festive treats. Here you will find delicious coffee blends with fabulous comforting flavours, to keep you warm on chilly December evenings and get you into the Christmas spirit.

Pack of Cinnamon Flavoured CoffeeCinnamon Flavoured Coffee makes the most of a winning combination of flavours, with its subtle, sweet and aromatic cinnamon notes. It's perfect for a deliciously rich and spicy latte or cappuccino, to get you in the mood for some festive fun.

Pack of Irish Cream Flavoured CoffeeIrish Cream Flavoured Coffee is an ingenious blend made with the finest coffee beans, to produce the oaky aromas and rich flavours that are evident in an Irish coffee, but without the alcohol. A truly indulgent treat to enjoy on a cold winter night.

Pack of Rudolph's Blend CoffeeRudolph's Blend Coffee may not make your nose glow, but its wonderful full-bodied flavour is likely to make you glow with warmth inside on a chilly day. This coffee works particularly well when brewed in a filter machine or cafetière, and makes a deliciously rich, milky Americano.

Pack of Christmas Pudding Flavoured CoffeeChristmas Pudding Flavoured Coffee has all the fruity and spicy flavours reminiscent of this exciting time of year, and is extra special as it's only available during the festive season. It's a wonderful drink to share with friends, and is sure to promote feelings of comfort and joy.

It may be cold and dark, but winter is more than welcome when it brings such delights. Why not browse our whole range of wonderful winter coffees before you decide upon your festive treat?