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big beans, Maragogype, mellow - | Written by Janice Spencer

Dark Maragogype Coffee - The Gentle Giant of the Coffee World

Maragogype Coffee packFor those in search of a smooth, mellow cup, and something a bit unique, why not try Dark Maragogype Coffee? Delivering a rich, rounded flavour and delightful aroma, its low acidity and medium body make it the perfect choice for people who prefer their coffee not so strong. Maragogype Coffee is unique in that its beans are considerably larger than others, so much so that they are also known as 'Elephant Coffee Beans'. This unusual occurrence is thought to be the result of a genetic mutation of a Typica variety of Arabica beans, originally found growing near Maragogipe, a state of Bahia in Brazil. Everything about this coffee is big; the coffee trees are tall and bear exceptionally large leaves and fruits. They grow in high altitudes, sometimes up to 1200 metres or more, in the temperate climates of several countries in Central and South America, but the majority of them are cultivated in Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico. Although Maragogype coffee trees are known for producing larger beans, they produce fewer of them than other coffee varietals. Their low yield makes Maragogype one of the world's rarest and most sought-after coffees. 

Maragogype coffee cherries mature slowly and ripen to a bright red colour. The beans are of a porous nature. Sometimes they are left to dry inside the cherry, where natural sugars further enhance their taste. The flavour of Maragogype coffee can vary and sometimes be dependent on the quality and condition of soil and area of cultivation. Guatemalan Maragogype is considered to be superior in quality to most. Its taste characteristics can be described as it being medium-bodied, with earthy tones, and  fruit, almond and chocolate notes. It has a rich, nutty aroma and is low in acidity. Its pleasant mellow flavour makes it excellent to blend with other coffees, especially Blue Sumatra and Monsoon Malabar, and it is suitable to be used with bean-to-cup, cafetière, filter and espresso machines.

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