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| Written by Miles Spencer

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans at Coffee-Direct

For us coffee lovers, we know that enjoying a freshly brewed cup is about more than just the flavour – it’s a full sensory experience that incorporates tastes, aromas and a range of complex, intertwined characteristics including bitterness, acidity, body and sweetness. We also know that to fully enjoy this wonderful interplay, it is crucial to have the freshest coffee beans and ground coffee available when it comes the time to make our favourite drinks.

That is why Coffee-Direct puts the utmost emphasis on freshness throughout the entire process of roasting, packing and delivering our coffees direct to you.

Our Coffees Are Roasted to Order

Coffees that are bought at the supermarket, even whole beans or those that are described as being ‘fresh’, are generally roasted in large batches weeks, if not months, before making it to the shelves. Unsurprisingly, this large-scale roasting and long holding period can result in coffees that are not fresh and are often lacking in the complexity of flavour and the richness of aromas that should be expected from a bag of roasted coffee beans.

At Coffee-Direct, all of our coffees are roasted to order and in small batches, before being immediately packed for a quick delivery. This means that only the freshest coffee beans and ground coffee make it to our customers, guaranteeing that your drinks are always at their most flavourful and aromatic. We aim to deliver our coffee orders within 24-72 hours after being roasted and pack our freshly roasted coffee beans and ground coffee in foil-fresh bags. These clever bags feature one-way valves that are designed to let carbon dioxide out, but nothing in, ensuring freshness and preserving the wonderful aromas of our coffees. You can even see the roasting date on the bag!

Catering to All Brewing Methods

Whatever your preferred method of brewing your coffee is, Coffee-Direct has you covered. If you like to prepare your drinks using an espresso maker, a percolator, a cafetiere, as a filter coffee or as a Turkish coffee, we can provide you with a coffee that has been pre-ground to the perfect coarseness for your favourite method. Or, if you like to make your drinks with a bean-to-cup machine, our freshly roasted whole beans will arrive to you bursting with flavour and delightful aromas. We even provide guidance and suggestions on the best coffee beans to use for your chosen brewing method, and many of our varieties are suitable for all popular methods.

Expert Coffee Knowledge

Our team of expert roasters bring more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in sourcing, importing and roasting coffee from around the world. With this experience, we are able to provide detailed information on the flavour profiles of all our coffees, the origin and growing conditions of the coffee cherries, suggest the best preparation methods for each variety, and keep a close eye on every stage of production - from sourcing the unroasted green beans and perfectly roasting them, to packing and delivering your order.

    A Broad Range of Delicious Coffees

    At Coffee-Direct, we not only stock a beautiful range of single-origin coffees from some of the most renowned regions in the world, but also a fantastic selection of coffee blends that have been carefully prepared to bring you a truly unique experience. We source coffees from Africa, Asia, South and Central America and Australasia, from popular coffee-growing regions such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Peru, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Uganda, Costa Rica and Sumatra. You will also find a delightful range of flavoured coffees, rare and exclusive varieties, and speciality bean types such as longberry, peaberry, and elephant beans, alongside the more common arabica, robusta and decaffeinated coffee beans.

    Never Run Out with our Coffee Subscription

    It’s every coffee lover’s worst nightmare – you go to the kitchen, looking forward to your first brew of the day, only to realise that you have run out of your favourite coffee! With a subscription plan at Coffee-Direct, you’ll never run the risk of being caught short on your coffee hit.

    With a Coffee-Direct subscription, you can create a bespoke plan to receive your favourite coffees as often as you like, on the days that suit you. What’s more, you will receive 15% off every subscription item, on every recurring order!

    Simply choose as many coffees as you like from our range and select your preferred recurrence. You can opt to have multiple coffees delivered on the same day or spread out your choices to receive different varieties at different times, and you can cancel, with no charge, at any time. As for roasting, our subscriptions work in exactly the same way as our one-off orders – we freshly roast our subscription orders the day of packing, so you can always expect to receive the freshest, most aromatic and flavourful coffees.