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| Written by Miles Spencer

How to Get the Freshest Coffee

There are numerous ways that we can get the most out of our coffee, whether that is by choosing the right bean roasts and flavour profiles to suit our taste, opting for a preferred brewing method and experimenting with different varieties or blends, but perhaps the most important part in the coffee making process is in ensuring that the coffee beans are fresh and full of those incredible flavours.

Beans that have not been freshly roasted, or not kept fresh in suitable packaging after roasting, can have a very noticeable, unpleasant effect on the taste and aromas of your coffee.

Luckily, there are some simple tips to follow so that you can always ensure your coffee beans are at their most fresh.

Buy Fresh
The easiest way to ensure the freshest possible coffee is to buy freshly roasted beans or pre-ground varieties. At Coffee-Direct, we roast all of our coffees to order, in small batches, ensuring that you will receive flavourful and wonderfully aromatic beans with every order.

Coffee beans that are bought at supermarkets have often been roasted weeks or even months prior to being placed on the shelves, so that even if you are buying whole beans and grinding them at home, you will not be likely to enjoy the fullest flavours if you buy your coffee from a supermarket.

Check the Packaging
Almost as important as when the coffee beans have been roasted is the packaging that they are kept in. Unsuitable bags may let oxygen and moisture inside once the coffee has been packed, resulting in a spoiled product.

All of our coffees are packed in foil-fresh bags, with one-way valves that are designed to let carbon dioxide out but nothing in, ensuring that freshness is maintained. Our 227g, 454g and 908g bags also feature resealable zips, all of which helps our coffees to remain fresh, unopened, for up to nine months.

Store Smart
Once you have opened your bag of coffee and experienced the incredible aromas, you might be concerned about how you can keep those beautiful scents and fresh flavours present. Because heat, moisture, light and air can all affect the quality of coffee beans, it is important to consider where you will store your beans or ground coffee, with a dark, cool location being the ideal choice.

While our bags come with resealable zips, you may prefer to transfer the beans into a larger container. Our coffee storage containers make the perfect place to store your coffee once it has been removed from its bag. Durable, compact and made from stainless steel, these containers include a sealable lid and firm clip to ensure that your beans remain fresh and aromatic for even longer, while the airtight lid and seal prevents air leakage and moisture penetration.

Grind to Your Needs
Grinding your coffee beans yourself is a great way to control the flavour and intensity of your drinks. If you grind at home, you will want to aim at grinding only when you are preparing your drink and not before, in order to ensure the freshest flavours and vibrant aromas.

Of course, if you would prefer to get your coffee already ground, we offer pre-ground options across our range for all popular brewing methods, so you can enjoy beautiful and fresh ground coffee straight from the bag.