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| Written by Miles Spencer

Indulge Your Love of Chocolate With One of These Tasty Treats

Coffee in Colombia

Coffee-Direct may be renowned for its amazing selection of single-origin coffees and coffee blends, but have you heard about its delightful range of hot chocolate drinks and chocolate flavoured coffees? Chocolate lovers may be keen to know about this, so read on…

There’s nothing quite like a luxuriously smooth hot chocolate drink to lift us up, and also help us unwind at the end of the day. Our Luxury Hot Chocolate is sure to hit the spot, and is easily prepared with water or milk to create a comforting beverage that can be enjoyed at any time of day. It’s also good to add to your favourite coffee for a delicious mocha drink.

Orange Flavoured Hot Chocolate is as rich and rewarding as our Luxury Hot Chocolate, but its winning combination of chocolate and orange flavours offers another version of this fabulous drink.

Chocolate Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee is an excellent, well-rounded and mild blend that is perfect for those who prefer a less sweet beverage. Its delicious hazelnut and rich chocolate flavours complement the coffee beans’ own nutty tones, creating a wonderful, satisfying beverage.

Mint Chocolate Coffee is a great choice to serve after dinner, with its lovely combination of cool mint and dark chocolate flavours. A rich, sweet and luxurious treat.

Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee is a Coffee-Direct favourite, loved for its mild and not too sweet mix of coffee and chocolate that can be enjoyed straight from the cafetière or in your favourite filtered coffees.

Swiss Chocolate Flavoured Coffee is a deliciously sweet blend of aromatic coffee infused with the flavour of fine Swiss chocolate. It offers a milder cup, with a satisfying hint of bitterness, that is good to drink at any time of day.