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| Written by Janice Spencer

Nepal Coffee - A Himalayan Discovery

Snow covered mountains

Nepal Coffee may be one of those coffees that isn’t much talked about, but those who have tried it could describe it as an exceptionally smooth and aromatic cup, that reveals distinctive flavours of chocolate and vanilla, with a delicious nutty finish. This medium-bodied brew has a medium acidity, and is best suited for use in cafetière and filter coffee machines.

Nepal is a landlocked country of South Asia, that borders China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. Coffee is cultivated high in the mid hills of the beautiful Himalayas, where the climate and soil conditions are perfect for Arabica coffee trees. Bourbon and Typica are the most usual varietals. Most coffees grown in Nepal are processed with perfectly ripe, hand-picked coffee cherries, that are harvested between December and March. Organic and eco-friendly farming practices are commonly used on mainly smallholder farms.

Nepal is a relative newcomer to the coffee industry. Its history tells of how coffee was introduced to Nepal in 1938 by a monk, Hira Giri, who brought coffee seeds from Burma and planted them in Gulmi, a district of Nepal. The coffee produced was initially consumed just in the local community, and it was many years before farmers starting growing coffee commercially. During the 1980s and 90s, a number of associations were established to promote its production, by encouraging farmers to grow coffee in addition to their usual crops of corn or rice, and offering education and support. Although it took a while for the custom of drinking coffee to be embraced by the people of Nepal, being a nation of tea lovers, the demand for organic coffee has increased considerably over the last thirty years. The speciality coffee culture is still growing, and is evident from the hundreds of coffee houses that have opened across the country. Today coffee is cultivated in more than 40 districts of Nepal and exported to many countries, including Japan, South Korea, the UK and USA.

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