New Origin Coffee - Myanmar Coffee

We're delighted to introduce a new addition to our Origin range - Myanmar Coffee. A reasonably strong variety with full flavour, this dark roasted bean offers a truly unique taste.

Our Myanmar coffee offers a round body with bright acidity. Tastes include hints of caramel, lemon and tangerine in this wonderfully different coffee. Working closely with Ywar Ngan’s Danu Hill Tribe high in the Southern Shan State, Shwe Ywar Ngan Coffee produces some Myanmar’s finest Arabica coffee. The area’s fertile red and yellow soil coupled with ideal elevation and consistent rainfall help make Ywar Ngan a particularly accommodating environment for growing coffee. The Danu Hill Tribe are long-time residents of the Ywar Ngan township. Hundreds of farmers work on small plots between one and five acres each, tending to the same land that their ancestors did before them. Since pesticides are forbidden in this township, its residents produce in an organic style (although not yet formally organic certified). Shwe Ywar Nga Coffee works closely with each farmer to ensure that their farming practices meet global specialty coffee standards via training and assistance when required. Free of pesticides and chemicals, Shwe Ywar Ngan Coffee is grown under a variety of fruit and perennial shade trees. Cherries are hand-picked. Most are fully washed at the township’s newly-created central processing facility, while others are processed naturally on raised African drying beds or blanketed in sweet mucilage then sun-soaked in a honey style.


Order Myanmar coffee today, and we'll freshly roast it and dispatch same day on orders placed before 12:00pm weekdays.