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| Written by Miles Spencer

November 8th is National Cappuccino Day!

To celebrate, we’ve created a great little video that gives some helpful tips on the art of creating the perfect cappuccino.

This rich and indulgent drink is a firm favourite among coffee-lovers the world over and it’s easy to see why!

We’ve also picked out some of our favourite beans that you may like to try in your next frothy cappuccino.


Why not try these beans in your next cappuccino?

Italian Coffee - From £11.99
The same blend as our Continental coffee, but roasted slightly lighter so that the same great flavour is produced without the oily characteristics, making for a powerful, full-flavoured experience.

Monsoon Malabar - From £12.99
Our Monsoon Malabar is a heavy-bodied brew that makes a wonderfully mellow and smooth cup of coffee, with deep, rich flavours and aromas.

Arabica Supremo - £18.99
An extraordinary, complex blend of 100% Arabica beans from five different coffee-growing locations across the world puts Arabica Supremo high on the list of the finest blends to be created!