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| Written by Lewis Spencer

Our Essential Coffees for Christmas

Christmas Coffee

Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to indulge in some delicious seasonal flavours. An opportunity to embrace the festive mood while the rich aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and gingerbread give you that truly festive feeling.

So coffee lovers, rejoice! You can titillate your taste buds with some warming, flavoured coffees, all from the comfort of your home.

And if flavoured coffees are not your thing, why not spoil yourself or a loved one with a variety of new blends, all guaranteed to warm your soul.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Pack

Our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Pack gives you (or the lucky recipient) twelve distinctive coffees from around the world, all beautifully presented in a festive box.

Choosing the best coffee is an almost impossible task; it’s highly personal and subjective, so this gift pack makes life easy for you. A selection of high-quality products, and none of the worry that you have picked the wrong blend! Plus, it comes with either whole beans or pre-ground bags, so this will suit both novices and coffee connoisseurs alike. We also include a beautiful guide to provide you with all the details on the carefully selected range of coffees. Giving this as a gift will definitely earn you brownie points, but there is no reason why you can’t buy one for yourself as well. Ranging from strong, robust blends like the Golden Crema and the spicy Director’s, to the sweeter Barista Reserve and the Java Santos; you may find yourself discovering a new favourite blend in time for the new year.

Coffee Hampers

Who doesn’t love a hamper at Christmas? And what could be better for a coffee lover than a hamper made especially for them. Choose from a wide range of themed hampers including those designed for individuals who prefer strong blends, those who love their single-origin coffees or for the more discerning drinkers. Whichever theme you go for, you have the option of selecting pre-ground or whole bean coffee, and picking between a stylish gift box or luxury wicker basket. A personalised message from you will also be added.

If you’re feeling truly festive, why not get the hamper for ‘the one who’s big on flavour’ – so they can while away an afternoon sipping on a cinnamon or amaretto flavoured coffee in front of a Christmas movie.

Rudolph’s Blend Coffee

Rudolph saved Christmas, or so the story goes, and his coffee is sure to save you from the stresses of Christmas shopping and family visits. Available as whole beans or ground to order, this is a medium strength blend with a full bodied flavour and plenty of rich aromas that are sure to spread Christmas cheer. It may not give you a bright red nose but it will warm you up on a cold winter’s night. (No sleigh pulling required...)

Santa’s Blend Coffee

We couldn’t create a range of Christmas coffees without a tribute to the big man himself.

One sip of this fruity coffee and you will be overcome with festive spirit. A medium strength blend, its delicate spices are ideal to create the taste of Christmas in your latte or cappuccino. We know it’s a festive drink but we don’t think Santa would mind if you indulged in this throughout the winter months.

Christmas Pudding Flavoured Coffee

Christmas pudding in a cup? That’s exactly what you’ll experience with this deliciously aromatic coffee. Perfect for warming you up on a chilly winter afternoon, this blend combines all the spices and fruit flavours you would expect from a traditional Christmas pudding. Grind the beans yourself to get your perfect texture, or choose a ready-ground option to add straight to your filter. It is best enjoyed in an armchair by an open fire.

Flavoured Coffee

Forget the takeaway drinks that have been enhanced with artificial syrup and try a coffee from our flavoured range. Our coffees have flavouring oils added to the coffee beans. No sickly sweet additives here!

Whether you prefer fruity, nutty or boozy options, with twenty different flavours to choose from there is bound to be one to suit your tastes. Perhaps you want a light, raspberry taste to brighten up your morning cup, or at the end of a tough day perhaps an Irish cream or brandy blend sounds more appealing. Or better still, select a few different options so you always have something to suit your mood.

Cinnamon Flavoured Coffee

Cinnamon is one of the flavours most commonly associated with Christmas, used in mulled wine, Christmas puddings, cakes and even as a decoration on the tree. Our cinnamon coffee allows you to recreate those aromas and tastes in an invigorating coffee. Packed with warm spice and luxurious sweet flavours, this is a welcome festive twist to any latte or macchiato, and (like all of our coffees) can be pre-ground for use in a percolator, filter, cafetiere, or espresso machine. If you prefer to do the grinding yourself, you can also purchase the flavoured beans.

Amaretto Flavoured Coffee

Featuring the strong aromas of the Italian liqueur, this Amaretto flavoured coffee is a welcome gift for your taste buds. Perfect for an after-dinner drink, with this mellow, mild strength blend you get all the flavours but none of the alcohol, making it a great alternative to the traditional liqueur coffees.

The festive season gives you a great excuse to indulge in the sweet taste of Amaretto, but there’s no reason why it can’t feature as a post-dinner beverage throughout the year.