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| Written by Miles Spencer

Our Range of Strong Coffees

If you’re a fan of big, bold and full-bodied coffees, you will love our range of strong coffees at Coffee-Direct.

These powerful coffees are roasted to our two darkest roast levels: “Espresso” roast and “Continental” roast. With high strength ratings of 8+, these punchy coffees create lovely, complex brews that work brilliantly as flavourful, deeply aromatic espressos, as well as rich filter coffees for your favourite brewing method.




Monsoon Malabar – From £13.99

One of India’s most sought-after coffees, Monsoon Malabar is a unique coffee variety, produced from Arabica coffee beans grown in Malabar, one of the wettest regions of India and known for its wild monsoon season.

Our Monsoon Malabar is a heavy-bodied brew that makes a wonderfully mellow and smooth cup of coffee, with deep, rich flavours and aromas. The roast is often described as bold, earthy and sweet, having tobacco and wood notes, as well as intense aromas of dark chocolate and nuts.

Arabica Supremo – From £18.99

An extraordinary, complex blend of 100% Arabica beans from five different coffee-growing locations across the world. Deep, rich and smooth, with an exotic, spicy aroma, the recipe for this ingenious mix of high quality, expertly roasted beans is a well-kept secret, but once tried, you’ll be left in no doubt as to how amazing it tastes.

Arabica Supremo is roasted dark, with a strength level of 8/10, and flavour and aroma level of 6/10, making it ideal for espresso and bean-to-cup use.  


Dark Decaffeinated Colombian – From £13.99

If you're looking for a quality decaf coffee that doesn't sacrifice on strength and intense flavours, then our Dark Decaffeinated Colombian is for you!

Ideal for deep, aromatic espressos, these beans offer the rich and luxurious flavour of chocolate and produce wonderfully full-bodied coffees that won't be keeping you up all night.

Old Brown Java – From £13.99

Ideal for espresso, our strong Old Brown Java beans are aged as green beans for at least two years before being roasted, giving the coffee a heavier body and a powerful flavour, but very little acidity.

The process of ageing beans is popular among many Javanese coffee producers and can last for as long as three years, during which green beans may be 'monsooned' by being exposed to the warm, moist air of the rainy seasons. As the green beans age, they often begin to turn to a light brown colour, and the longer they are aged the more flavour they gain.

Continental Coffee – From £12.99

This strong coffee is full of character and perfect for those who enjoy powerful, dark roasts that pack a punch. Our Continental is the darkest roasted coffee we offer and, while perhaps not for the faint hearted, offers a divine combination of heady aromas and rich, oily, well-balanced flavours.

Given the strength of this wonderful coffee, we would recommend it mainly for intense espressos, although it can also be used to make rich filter coffees that will carry a very mild acidity and plenty of kick.