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| Written by Miles Spencer

Saving Money on Your Brew: How to Beat the Price of High Street Coffees

If you are a coffee lover who likes to get their caffeine fix on the go, you are likely to have noticed some rather large increases in the cost of your favourite High Street coffees recently.

With the cost of living crisis continuing to take a toll on the average prices of a range of commodities, and other external factors influencing High Street prices, it looks like the rising costs across our everyday treats and essentials will be around for some time.

One way we can combat these price increases is to switch from buying our coffees from High Street coffee shops to preparing them at home, to take with us when out and on the go. With a bit of quality equipment and some freshly roasted coffee, it’s easy to create wonderfully flavoursome and aromatic drinks at home every day, while saving money.

High Street Coffee Prices on the Rise

The average cost of a medium latte, purchased from a High Street coffee chain, reached £3.25 in 2023, with plenty of variation and even higher prices being common. In fact, it was previously reported that, between August 2021 and July 2022, the price of popular coffees had increased by as much as 22%.

Now let’s look at how this would compare to creating a coffee at home, using beans or pre-ground coffee from Coffee-Direct: with one bag of our 908g espresso grind Italian Coffee, available at £22.99, you can expect to pour somewhere around 128 shots of espresso, or 64 double-shot lattes. That’s 64 double-shot lattes for just £22.99, around 36p per drink, or less than £11 for a latte a day for 30 days!

Compare this to 30 lattes bought from a High Street coffee shop, where you would be looking to have spent perhaps £97.50 in total, and you’ll agree that it’s quite the saving!

Our Cost-Cutting Coffee Machines

While it might seem like a fairly costly purchase at the time, a coffee machine is actually a great investment; with the big savings that can be made when you switch from High Street coffees to homemade coffees, you can expect to break even on the cost of a new espresso maker or bean-to-cup machine in no time!

For example, if we take out very popular Gaggia Espresso Deluxe machine as an example, available at just £189 from Coffee-Direct. If we say that you can save around £2.89 on every homemade latte when compared to the same from a High Street shop, it will mean you will have paid off the cost of your espresso maker in just 66 coffees! At five coffees per week, that’s you breaking even in just thirteen weeks.

And if you don’t want to go for a coffee machine, you can still create delicious, freshly brewed coffee through a number of popular brewing methods, such as using a cafetiere, a filter machine or a percolator. Our Stovetop Espresso MakerMoka Coffee Pot and Coffee Drippers are great alternatives to coffee machines, and you can even purchase your freshly roasted coffees pre-ground from Coffee-Direct, to suit your chosen method.

Save Even More with Our Subscription Plans

On top of the big savings that you can enjoy by making your coffee at home, you can save an extra 15% on every order at Coffee-Direct when you create an ongoing subscription plan.

Our coffee subscriptions are easy to set up, and once in place we will automatically send you your freshly roasted coffee as often as you like.

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