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| Written by Miles Spencer

Take Your Coffee on the Road This Summer!

Travel Flask

If you’re planning on taking a much-deserved trip this summer but are dreading the thought of going without your daily coffee fix, then we’re here to help!

Ensure you’re never far away from a cup of delicious, freshly made, aromatic coffee with our range of portable, clever coffee equipment that you can take with you on your travels.

Whether you’re roughing it at a festival, hiking in the great outdoors, planning a family day out or jetting off somewhere exotic, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your favourite coffee just like you do at home. So, we’ve also gathered some of our top tips for enjoying your coffee on the go…

Travel Flask

Grind on the go…
A good way to ensure that you won’t run out of fresh coffee when it’s needed most, is to carry a supply of roasted beans with you and grind them on the go. With our portable Coffee Mill you can set yourself up as a mobile barista while still packing light!

Simply pour your whole beans into the durable container and use the attached handle to grind, resulting in aromatic ground coffee that’s bursting with fresh flavour.

Travel Flask

Pre-boil your water for days out…
Ideally, you will be able to boil fresh water on the go to use in your coffee, but this of course is not always possible, particularly if you find yourself halfway up a mountain with an urge for caffeine! The next best thing to freshly boiled water is an efficient, durable flask that will keep your pre-boiled water at optimal temperature throughout the day.

Our Digital Coffee Flask is the perfect way to keep your pre-brewed coffee or boiled water at the perfect temperature to enjoy all through your day out. This 500ml, double wall electric flask comes with a screw-top lid and handy digital temperature display on the top of the lid, so you know that your coffee is always ready to drink.

Travel Flask

Enjoy a brew with a view…
While a pre-made coffee kept in one of our coffee flasks will give you a wonderful pick-me-up during a long day out, why not take it to the next level and freshly brew your coffee as and when you need it?

Our smartly designed Coffee Press Travel Mug includes a plunger for quick and easy use to turn it into a stylish, portable cafetiere! Simply add ground coffee to the mug and pour in hot water, seal the lid and allow the coffee to brew for four minutes before pressing down the plunger.

Travel Flask

No time to stop…
Maybe you’re planning an epic road trip or a taxing hike through the countryside, with little chance for a break as you race through your route. Why not keep your coffee close at hand with our 380ml Coffee Travel Mug? Made of high-quality stainless steel, this durable mug has a splash-proof flip-lid, a non-slip grip and a stable rubber bottom, with a sealed design that ensures your drink stays hot for hours.

Whatever you’re planning this summer, whether it’s a vacation or a staycation at home, we have you covered for all your coffee needs at