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| Written by Miles Spencer

We Freshly Roast our Coffees to Order

We are sometimes asked by our customers whether our coffee beans are freshly roasted when purchased, or if they have been roasted previously and simply picked from a shelf when an order is placed.

We are very proud of the fact that all of our coffees, both whole bean and pre-ground, are always freshly roasted to order, immediately packaged and sent out to you the same day.

Some coffee suppliers and supermarkets will offer coffee beans that have been roasted as much as several months prior, which means that you won’t be enjoying the freshest possible flavours and aromas when you open your bag and make your first drink.

At Coffee-Direct, we hand roast all of our coffees to order, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest possible beans and ground coffee, the fullest flavours and the richest aromas.

Our Process

At Coffee-Direct, we hand roast all of our coffees to order and immediately package them and post them out to you after roasting, ensuring that you receive the freshest possible beans and ground coffee, the fullest flavours and the richest aromas.

We never sell coffee that has been previously roasted, so you can rest assured that you will always receive beans or pre-ground coffees that have been roasted specifically for you!

Our Packaging

After roasting, our fresh coffee is packed into out specially designed bags.

These foil-fresh bags feature resealable zips and one-way valves, which are designed to let carbon dioxide out, but nothing in, sealing in all of those delicious flavours and wonderful aromas.

Thanks to our clever packaging and roasting process, our coffees will remain fresh, unopened, for up to nine months after roasting.


How to Keep Your Beans Fresh After Opening

There are a number of ways to keep your coffee beans fresh after opening the bag; the most effective is good storage.

Storing Coffee

Coffee beans are best stored in a cool, dark environment, where they won’t be exposed to heat, moisture, light and air.

While our bags do come with resealable zips to prolong freshness, you might want to invest in a durable and air-tight storage solution.

The best way to store your beans is in an air-tight container kept at room temperature. Store the beans in an opaque container, as exposure to light can degrade their freshness more quickly. The best place for your container of coffee beans is in a dark, cool location.

Grinding Beans

Another simple way to keep your coffee fresh is to grind your beans only when necessary, ideally each time you are preparing a drink.

By investing in a grinder, whether manual or automatic, you can keep your coffee beans sealed tight in a storage container, or in our resealable bags, and only take out the beans required for each drink, thereby maintaining freshness.

Ensure the Freshest Coffees with Our Handy Accessories

Airtight Coffee Storage Container – From £15.99
This durable, stainless steel tin is perfect for storing your coffee once it has been taken out of its packaging, allowing you to enjoy the rich aromas and vibrant flavours of fresh coffee every day.

The sealable lid and firm clip ensure that your beans remain fresh and aromatic for even longer. The airtight lid and seal mean you won’t need to worry about air leakage and moisture penetration, while a one-way valve prevents oxygen getting in.

Gaggia MD15 Coffee Grinder – £99
Create the perfect coarseness for your ground coffee beans with this 15-setting grinder, in a lovely brushed chrome finish.

The MD15 comes in a sleek conical shape and features a 300g bean hopper capacity, stainless steel conical burrs and a digital timer to grind pre-set quantities of coffee.

Practical and easy to use, the MD15 is ideal when using pressurised and “crema perfetta” filters. The removable ground coffee container has a capacity of 150g and allows space for the filter-holder to be placed directly under the coffee dispenser.