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Chinese Tea Set

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Create a stunning centrepiece for guests with this beautiful Chinese tea set and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and tradition of Chinese teamaking. Containing a wonderfully crafted teapot, four cups, a jar for holding your fresh, loose leaf tea and a serving tray, this set harks back to the ancient Chinese tea culture and evokes the scenes of the earliest teamaking traditions, so that you can prepare and present your tea in the same way that it was first made.

It is believed that the earliest tea sets and teamaking rituals began in China during the Han Dynasty (206–220 BC), when tea ware was made of porcelain and included bowls that would hold tea leaves, over which water was poured to create the tea.

The Song Dynasty is known to have produced ceramic teapots and tea bowls in glazes of brown, blue and black, and it is thought that teapots were first developed during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD) after the remnants of a Yixing teapot (also known as Zi Sha Hu and Purple Sand teapots) was discovered during an archaeological dig, further indicating the rich and eventful history of teamaking in China.

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