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coffee beans, coffee blends, fresh coffee, origin coffee, subscriptions - | Written by Lewis Spencer

Coffee Beans - Why Buy Fresh Coffee Beans?

When it comes to buying your coffee beans and blends, it's clear that ordering from a specialised coffee provider is always preferable over shopping from the supermarket. When you buy coffee from Coffee-Direct, you're benefitting from a wealth of experience in the wonderful world of coffee. 

While supermarkets have come to offer a growing selection of coffee beans and blends, they will never be able to compete with the range, diversity of products and the guarantee of freshness that dedicated coffee businesses, such as Coffee-Direct, are able to offer their customers. There are many reasons why coffee lovers favour the kind of service that Coffee-Direct provides, over that of supermarkets: we pride ourselves on a dedicated service that roasts beans to order, rather than mass-producing our products; we stock a vast choice of coffees and blends that includes speciality beans and rare coffees; we employ an innovative method of packaging that locks in flavours and guarantees freshness.

With more than 25 years' experience in the coffee business, we're able to offer a passionate and professional service. All of our batches are roasted by our team of expert roasters, who keep a close eye on our coffee at every stage of preparation to ensure sustained high standards and a quality product. This dedicated attention to the preparation of our coffee differs greatly from the machine-prepared coffees stocked by supermarkets, and means we can ensure a quality finished product that contains no imperfections.

Unlike mass-produced supermarket coffees, which are produced by automated methods in large quantities, our coffees are roasted and prepared in small batches. Not only does this allow us to roast to order, but means our coffees maintain maximum freshness and perfect results at every stage of production – from roasting, to packaging and delivery. No matter what bean or blend you order, you can be sure that it will be roasted and prepared strictly for your order, which means no waste or surplus coffee beans, and allows roasted beans to be delivered to you as soon as they are ready. This process differs markedly from supermarket production, where large scale roasts and mass packing means that previously fresh beans are left to await store delivery and purchase, and subsequently lose their flavours and aromas.

Freshness is a priority at Coffee-Direct, so we ensure that all of our coffee bags are prepared in a way that guarantees wonderfully aromatic and full flavoured coffee. Unlike supermarkets, where bags of coffee can sit on shelves, untouched, for a number of months, Coffee-Direct roast all our coffees to order, thus avoiding any dated and inferior coffee beans. We also generally deliver our coffee orders within 24-72 hours after being roasted, so customers can enjoy a burst of aromas and flavours as soon as they open their bags of beans – something that is not always possible with supermarket coffees, which are left on shelves at the expense of their freshness.

Another of our priorities is choice, and we aim to provide our customers with a broad selection of delicious origin coffees and exciting blends. We sell almost 100 varieties of coffee, including much-loved favourites, flavoured coffees and rare speciality coffees, and you'll also find a selection of Coffee-Direct's very own secret blends, lovingly created by our experts to bring you a flavour that you won't find anywhere else.

Our origin coffees are sourced from some of the most popular coffee producing countries in the world, and from the best regions for the growing of beans. You can browse the range by coffee strength, with a wide choice of strong, medium and mild coffees, and you can choose your beans based on brewing method, with categories for bean-to-cup, cafetiere, espresso and filter brewing methods. As your beans are roasted and packaged to order, you can change your preferred brewing methods and experiment with new ways to prepare your favourite coffees, a choice that is again absent from much supermarket coffee.


What's more, our knowledgeable team provide detailed information on all our products, so you'll not only know where you coffee is sourced from and how it is prepared, but also what the best ways are to prepare it, a full rundown of its flavours and aromas, and even the times of day at which it is best enjoyed.

Along with origin coffees, speciality blends and flavoured coffees, you'll also find a wonderful selection of decaffeinated coffees, teas and coffee hampers . We can offer a diverse range of products that supermarkets just aren't able to offer, and you can always be sure that our teas and coffees have been personally selected for their superior flavours and aromas by our knowledgeable and experienced team.

We supply coffee in every form of preparation generally used, including whole coffee beans, cafetiere grind and percolator grind, filter grind and espresso grind, Turkish grind, and even unroasted green beans in our origin lines. This choice of preparation puts you fully in control of how your coffee is served, and gives you the opportunity to try something new and switch between cafetiere and percolator prepared coffees.

Another method employed to guarantee freshness is the use of our one-way valve, foil fresh bags. These innovative bags are designed in such as way that air cannot get inside and reach the coffee, but air can escape via the valve, meaning the coffee aromas can be appreciated before the bag is opened. These bag designs are favoured by coffee lovers who desire the freshest beans available, and they are superior to many of the bags and containers used by supermarkets to store their coffee beans. Be sure to check out our advise on how to store coffee.

At Coffee-Direct we feel that customers should only be paying for our quality, fresh coffee and tea products and nothing more, which is why we offer free standard UK delivery. Customers can get their favourite coffees delivered to them wherever they desire, whether that's at home, at the office or anywhere else, and a fast, efficient delivery means the beans will arrive bursting with freshly roasted flavours.

We offer a choice of convenient delivery options to suit your schedule, including options such as Saturday delivery, pre-10am delivery and pre-12pm delivery. This choice of delivery slots not only ensures that you'll be there to receive your freshly roasted coffee, but also means that as little time as possible goes by between us roasting your coffee to order, and you enjoying your first cup.

We also offer subscriptions on all of our coffees, allowing you set up regular deliveries and avoid running out of your favourite blends. The subscription service is quick and easy to set up: simply place your order and select the subscription, and we'll deliver weekly, every two weeks, monthly or every two months depending on your preference.

You can rest assured that when you shop with Coffee-Direct your order will be sent out by fully tracked courier delivery, provided by DPD. As well as enjoying a fast, safe and secure delivery, you can benefit from an email and text message notification of the one hour time slot during which your coffee will be delivered, meaning that you won't need to wait for your delivery and you'll know just how fast your beans have been roasted, packaged and delivered.

There's no doubting that when it comes to quality coffee, buying from a dedicated coffee business like Coffee-Direct is always preferable over buying from a supermarket. Not only will you find an excellent choice of coffees and teas that you won't find in any supermarket, but you can be sure to get the highest quality product possible. Thanks to our dedicated and passionate team, our packaging methods and our roasted to order coffee deliveries, we can ensure that you'll experience a full flavoured, wonderfully fresh coffee every time your order.