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For those who love coffee, there’s nothing quite like the intoxicating aroma and intense flavour of freshly roasted beans, that excite the senses when a pack is first opened. The aim thereafter is to ensure those fabulous flavours and aromas are kept at their best for as long as possible, as coffee stored incorrectly will soon become flat and stale. So how should coffee best be stored to keep it fresh and fragrant?

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An investigation by the group Action on Sugar has unveiled some startling statistics regarding the sugar content of many High Street coffee drinks. Following analysis of over 130 hot drinks, the charity found a third contained at least as much sugar as a standard cola drink – that’s a whopping nine teaspoons! As if that wasn’t bad enough, some beverages in the test contained over 20 teaspoons of sugar, an alarming amount that would receive an instant red nutritional value label for high sugar content. The worst offenders on the list included Starbucks’ Hot mulled fruit – grape with chai,...

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As a nation, we've embraced coffee shop culture as a major part of our lives over the last few years. The extortionate costs of that daily macchiato on the commute, or the lunchtime latte soon add up however. The great news is that you don't have to stop one of life's little pleasure; simply become your own barista with the help of Coffee-Direct.co.uk! Not only will you save a small fortune, but you'll also be able to choose from over 100 varieties from around the globe, and experience freshly roasted coffee beans in either whole bean form to be ground at...

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We're pleased to announce the launch of our Coffee of the Month over at our sister site, MySubs.co.uk. Every month our expert roasters will be choosing one of our incredible range of almost 100 coffees from around the world to feature as their recommended variety. All of the coffees on the shortlist have been selected for their versatility, being suitable for all brewing methods from whole bean machines, to filters and cafetieres. Let our experts select your next variety and explore the wide variety of origin and blended coffees from all corners of the globe, and perhaps you'll find your...

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There are a number of reasons for switching to decaffeinated coffee, particularly if you find it difficult to relax at night after drinking your favourite caffeinated drinks. While caffeine increases levels of certain neurotransmitters (including acetylcholine, which is associated with attention and concentration), there are some notable negative effects, such as when alertness turns into restlessness and insomnia. So, while many enjoy the energising effects of coffee, these effects can quickly become a burden, particularly for those suffering from poor sleep routines due to their daily caffeine intake. With decaffeinated coffees, coffee-lovers can enjoy their favourite brews without the negative effects...

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