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Best Coffee, Brazil, Finest Coffee, Kopi Luwak, Rwanda, Santos, World Coffee - | Written by Lewis Spencer

Colombia: Home of the perfect cup of coffee?

The BBC recently ran an interesting story on Peter Day's quest for the perfect cup of coffee. From the Brazilian port of Santos to the surprisingly agreeable Rwanda, given the country's tumultuous history, Peter's journey takes him across the World sampling various different methods of brewing coffee.

Peter even samples Kopi Luwak, probably the World's most exclusive coffee, pointing out the questionable practices of some collectors ( strictly sources Kopi Luwak from non-farmed sources, you'll be pleased to know).

The article is well worth a read, and leads Peter to taste what he considered to be the finest coffee he'd ever tried in Colombia. We'd have to agree that our Colombian coffees are some of our favourites, why not give them a try here.