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Kopi Luwak Coffee

Available as whole beans or ground to order.

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Kopi Luwak Coffee

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This very rare coffee, sourced from Sumatra, is among the most sought-after and exclusive coffees in the world. The coffee cherries are eaten by the Asian palm civet, a small member of the Viverridae family, and are then digested, fermented and excreted, before being collected and sorted by the knowledgable native farmers and sold on as Kopi Luwak. This process creates shorter peptides in the beans and frees amino acids, improving the flavour profile of the bean, but there is another reason why this process is loved by so many: the palm civet ostensibly selects only the finest cherries to eat, meaning the best beans are collected by the farmers. The process, which takes place on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in the Indonesian archipelago, creates a strong, intense coffee, but with delicate flavours and very little aftertaste, making it ideal for both filter drinks and espressos. We are fundamentally opposed to captive civet cats being used in the production of Kopi Luwak. Our Kopi Luwak is imported only from natural, non-farmed sources.
Espresso Roast
Kopi Luwak Coffee has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 20 reviews.

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