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coffee blends, espresso coffees, kick start the week, Monday mornings - | Written by Janice Spencer

Coffees to Kick Start the Week With

White coffee mug on pine table

Monday morning always seems to come round too soon after the weekend, and some of us may need a little boost to get back into gear. But Coffee-Direct is on hand, with a great selection of lively coffee blends designed to perk you up and get you motivated for the week ahead.

To start with, Monday Morning Coffee is a wonderful blend of three high quality beans, including an excellent Kenyan bean with an intensity of flavour, to enliven your senses and provide a burst of energy in that first cup of the day. A smooth, mild cup with delicious fruity flavours, Monday Morning Coffee is a medium roast bean that is suitable for use in cafetiere, filter, percolator and Turkish brewing methods.

And if you’d like something a bit more dynamic, our Kick Start Coffee is a strong blend that delivers a delightful sweet caramel flavour in a divine velvety textured cup. It works so well as a short, sharp espresso, and is suitable for a range of coffee brewing methods.

You could also try our Turbo Coffee blend, with its bold, rich texture and earthy flavours, that will give you a generous measure of caffeine to propel you through the day. As well as an intense, powerful espresso, it makes a great strong breakfast coffee, such as a silky latte or cappuccino.

Those looking for a coffee with a bit more punch will probably enjoy our Buckaroo Coffee blend, although it’s not for the faint-hearted! A strong, darkly roasted brew with a deep, rich aroma and complexity of flavours that really come alive in an espresso; it’s great in filter coffees too.

All our coffees are roasted to order, so will arrive at your door with all the freshness and power sealed inside and ready to be enjoyed.