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coffee blends, espresso coffees, kick start the week, Monday mornings | | Written by Janice Spencer

Monday morning always seems to come round too soon after the weekend, and some of us may need a little boost to get back into gear. But Coffee-Direct is on hand, with a great selection of lively coffee blends designed to perk you up and get you motivated for the week ahead.

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AeroPress, eco-friendly, espresso coffees, filter coffees | | Written by Janice Spencer

An AeroPress is an inexpensive and easy to use device for making a perfectly brewed, clean cup of coffee. It first made an appearance in 2005, being the brainchild of American inventor, Alan Adler, whose inventions have included a number of aerodynamic toys, notably the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. The fact that the AeroPress is lightweight, compact and portable, makes it ideal for travelling, overnight stays and camping trips. It's also simple to clean and eco-friendly.

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