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caffeine-free coffee, Dark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee, decaf, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee - | Written by Janice Spencer

Decafs That Deliver on Aroma, Strength and Flavour

Cup of coffee held by person in bedThere’s nothing quite like an energising cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning to get you into gear for the day ahead, but when it gets to that time of the evening when you’re winding down, a boost of caffeine may not be the best idea if you’re hoping to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, for those who love to drink coffee in the evenings, or indeed anyone who prefers a caffeine-free drink, Coffee-Direct has some fabulous alternatives in the form of quality decaffeinated coffees that easily equal the finest of the caffeinated ones.

Take, for instance, our Dark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee, a full-bodied cup bursting with intoxicating aromas and the most amazing, complex flavours that Colombian coffees are renowned for. And then there’s our Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, a luxurious, medium roast Arabica from Brazil, that is decaffeinated using the ingenious Swiss Water Process. There’s really no need to compromise on strength or flavour by opting for one of these delicious decaffeinated coffees; many of our customers have remarked they have never tasted decaf coffees as good, and that you’d never know they were caffeine-free.

Dark Decaffeinated Colombian and Swiss Water Decaffeinated are both suitable to be used in bean-to-cup, cafetière, espresso and filter machines. As with all our coffees, beans are roasted to order to be delivered to your door in the freshest condition possible, with a range of grind options as well as whole beans.