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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 503 reviews.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

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Swiss Water Decaf: All Flavour, No Caffeine

For the times you’re in the mood for a delicious coffee, but you don’t want the buzz of a caffeine hit, decaffeinated coffee is the perfect solution. The problem, however, is that many decaf brews on the market just don’t taste great. More often than not, you’ll find that in removing caffeine content from coffee beans, roasters have also sacrificed a coffee’s rich, strong flavours.

Fortunately, there is one particular method that eliminates caffeine content without compromising coffee strength or taste - a highly technical procedure known as the Swiss Water Decaffeination Process.

What is Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee?

Coffee Direct's Swiss Water Decaf Coffee is a medium roast Arabica from Brazil that is 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical-free. This rich coffee is a full-bodied brew with low acidity and minimal bitterness, and most people who try it can’t tell that it’s decaffeinated. In fact, even the most seasoned coffee drinkers say that it tastes just as good as regular, caffeinated coffee.

Because it contains virtually no caffeine content, you can drink our Swiss Water Decaf at any time of the day or night without worrying about being kept up. It’s also versatile enough to be made using a variety of methods, including bean-to-cup, cafetiere, espresso and filter machines.

What is the Swiss Water Process?

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

This pioneering method of decaffeinating coffee was invented in 1930s Switzerland but didn’t gain traction as a commercial means of decaffeination until 1980, when it was developed by the company Coffex S.A. Today, the Swiss Water Process is one of the most popular decaffeination processes in the coffee world and is used by roasters all around the globe.

The environmentally-friendly process is 100% natural and involves no added chemicals such as ethyl acetate. It’s a highly intensive procedure that can take up to 10 hours to complete and requires diligent monitoring of time, temperature and flow of water.

To begin the process, small batches of high-quality green coffee beans are scrubbed clean of their silver skin and any foreign matter. A special water treatment is then used to prepare them for the caffeine extraction process. This involves soaking the beans in hot water, causing caffeine molecules and other soluble coffee components to transfer from the beans into the water by way of osmosis. These beans are then separated from the water and discarded.

Next, caffeine is removed from the water using carbon filters, leaving behind a liquid referred to as Green Coffee Extract. This caffeine-light extract, which is packed full of coffee flavour, is then used to remove the caffeine from a new batch of beans. While they soak, the caffeine diffuses from the new beans into the Green Coffee Extract, but the all-important flavours and aromas stay in the beans (this is because the concentration of soluble flavour components in the beans and the Green Coffee Extract are equal).

This process is repeated until 99.9% of the caffeine has been removed from the beans, with the Green Coffee Extract being recycled several times. After reaching their target level of decaffeination, the beans are then dried and bagged ready for export.

What people say about our Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Customer feedback and reviews for our decaf, chemical-free coffee are always glowing, with many coffee lovers unable to tell that they're drinking a caffeine-free brew. If you're thinking of going decaf for your next coffee delivery, check out some of our favourite customer reviews below.

“I would defy anyone to identify this as decaffeinated- it tastes like a high-quality South American bean and has a pleasing smoothness of taste that lingers nicely on the palate. Strength is not a factor because of the balance of flavours.”

Roger F. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“This is the best decaffeinated coffee I’ve ever had! I started drinking this when I was pregnant three years ago and haven’t stopped since. It tastes better than most caffeinated coffees. It has a smooth taste but doesn’t lack in flavour- I would highly recommend it!”

Helen F. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“As someone who can't take caffeine (any more!) I am always looking for a decaffeinated coffee which really tastes like coffee. This is it! A full flavour without any bitterness and a good crema too.”

Jill B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What does Swiss Water Decaf mean?

Swiss Water Decaf is regular coffee that has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Decaf process. The method itself refers to a decaffeination process where caffeine is removed from coffee beans through a process of soaking, heating and drying. The end result of this water process treatment, which works through osmosis and the concept of solubility, is the removal of caffeine from the beans while retaining as much of the coffee’s intrinsic flavours as possible.

How much caffeine is in Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee?

The Swiss Water Process removes 99.9% of the caffeine in beans (and none of the flavours). That means there’s only a tiny 0.1% of caffeine left in your Swiss Water Decaf coffee orders.

Where can I buy Swiss Water Decaf?

You can get Coffee Direct's 99.9% caffeine-free Swiss Water Decaf Coffee on our site. You can also check out some recent reviews and feedback on our natural, water processed decaf roast over our Swiss Water Decaf site page.

If you enjoy this roast as much as we know you will and you love roasting beans yourself, why not try our Swiss Water Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans?

Roasted in small batches and only roasted when you place your order, your delivery always includes the freshest possible beans. For all your orders you can choose from whole bean or pre-ground coffee, expertly ground for a wide range of brewing methods.

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