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| Written by Miles Spencer

French Coffee with Chicory Now Available!

French Coffee

We’re delighted to announce that our much-loved French Coffee with Chicory is back, as well as our Roasted and Ground Chicory.

Chicory and Coffee – A Winning Combination!
Our French Style Coffee with Chicory replicates the unique characteristics of a beverage invented a long time ago. Made with a mix of two parts ground coffee and one part roasted, ground chicory, this delicious blend produces a full-bodied cup with a rich intensity of flavour.

The roots of the chicory plant yield a slightly woody, nutty taste that complements the coffee well. In France, the practice of blending coffee with chicory became popular during Napoleonic times, and was soon adopted in the French colonies of Louisiana and New Orleans, where it is still widely consumed, and typically served with a sweet and crispy plate of beignets.


Roasted and Ground Chicory
Our roasted and ground chicory can be added to your roasted coffee to produce French style beverages. Naturally caffeine-free, ground chicory adds a new dimension to your coffee without any unnatural additives or flavourings.

Why not have a try of this delicious combination now with our French Style Coffee with Chicory, or you can try creating your own coffee blend with our Roasted and Ground Chicory.