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| Written by Miles Spencer

How to Save Money on Delicious, Fresh Coffee

Coffee Savings

With household costs rising for a number of us, we may be on the lookout for more ways to save on the everyday essentials, including our daily coffee hit.

At Coffee-Direct, we offer several ways in which you can save on our delicious, freshly roasted coffee, allowing you to continue enjoying barista level coffee from home, while saving money.

Taking Out a Subscription Plan

Our ever-popular subscription plans are a fantastic way to save, with a massive 15% off every order!

You have the freedom to tailor your plan to suit your coffee needs; select your variety, bag size, whole bean or pre-ground option, quantity and frequency, while receiving that big 15% discount on every item for each order.

Buying a Coffee Machine


It may seem like a slightly pricey investment, particularly when dealing with rising household costs, but buying a coffee machine and preparing your drinks at home can save you money when compared to buying store-bought coffees.

With the cost of store-bought coffees continuing to rise, you’ll quickly find that preparing coffees at home is a great way to cut back on those regular costs that you may not always take into consideration when looking over your budget.

We have even looked into the numbers and worked out a general rule for how long it will take, after switching from store-bought to homemade coffees, before you break even on the cost of your new coffee machine – take a look, the numbers may surprise you!

Buying a Larger Bag…

We offer three sizes of pre-ground bags and five sizes of whole bean bags at Coffee-Direct: our 227g sample-size bag, our 454g and 908g bags, and our larger 2.5kg and 5kg bags.

Buying a larger bag than you may usually choose is a great way to save more on your order, as you will get better value on the larger sized bags.

If you’re concerned about buying a larger bag, only for your beans to become stale, then don’t worry! Our foil fresh bags come with innovative one-way valve systems that are designed in a way that air cannot get inside the bag and reach the coffee, but can escape via the valve, so the coffee stays fresh and aromatic for longer.

What’s more, we roast all of our coffees to order, prioritising freshness, full flavours and rich aromas. Unlike supermarket bought coffees, which can sit on shelves for long periods of time and grow stale before they are even purchased, our coffees will be roasted just before being delivered to you.

Store Your Coffee the Right Way…

You might also be interested in buying one of our popular storage containers. These durable, stainless steel containers are perfect for storing coffee beans once they have been taking out of their packaging, allowing you to enjoy the rich aromas and vibrant flavours for longer.

Ordering in Bulk…

By buying in bulk at Coffee-Direct, you can save up to a massive 30% on your order! Our bulk discounts are a real favourite, with many of our customers choosing to buy in bulk for each order.

Bulk orders are prepared in the same way as any other order of coffee, with beans roasted to order in small batches and packaged in our foil fresh bags.

Because all our coffees remain fresh, unopened, for up to nine months, you can stock up and save without the risk of your coffee beans losing their freshness. What’s more, the 15% - 30% discounts are applied at checkout, so you can see exactly how much you’ll be saving on your order.

Pay in Three Payments…

When paying through PayPal, you can split the total cost of your order across three interest-free payments, allowing you to better manage your monthly budget.

Available for purchases of £30 to £2,000, with no sign-up fees or late fees, paying in this way is easy. Simply select PayPal at the checkout to pay later with Pay in 3. You can then complete your purchase with the first payment and have the remaining payments taken from your account automatically over the following months.

For even more tips, be sure to take a look at how you can enjoy a month of lattes for under £10!