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| Written by Miles Spencer

Introducing Three Delightful New Flavours From Coffee-Direct

Coffee Mill

Coffee-Direct has just added three fabulous new beverages to its range. Those keen to try something a bit different will not be disappointed if they opt for one of these interesting new arrivals.

Dandelion Coffee - From £17.99

Dandelion Coffee is not made with coffee beans, but with the ground roots of dandelions. Dandelion root has long been used as a culinary ingredient, as well as for medicinal purposes, and because the roasted roots have a similar flavour and aroma to coffee, it works well as a caffeine-free coffee substitute. With subtle floral notes and no bitterness, Dandelion Coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Yunan Arabica Coffee - From £12.99
Yunan Arabica Coffee is a medium-strength, mellow coffee, with a good body, a hint of acidity and delicious liquorice flavours. Sourced from China, Yunan Arabica is the perfect choice of coffee for making that smooth latte or frothy cappuccino, and is good for all popular brewing methods.

50/50 Decaf Colombian Coffee - From £12.99
50/50 Decaf Colombian Coffee is a wonderful blend of Colombian coffee and Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, giving the richness and depth of flavour of Colombian coffee beans, but with a lighter caffeine hit. 50/50 Decaf Colombian is ideal for those wishing to cut down a bit on their caffeine intake rather than go totally decaffeinated.