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Ethiopian coffee, Indonesian coffee, Mocha, Mocha Java, Yemen coffee - | Written by Janice Spencer

Marvellous Mocha Coffee - a Product of Coffee’s Rich History

Green mountains in sunshineMocha Coffee takes its name from the ancient Port of Mocha on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. From the 15th to early 18th century, Mocha was the hub of coffee trading at a time when Yemen monopolised the coffee industry. Mocha coffee is not to be confused with the drink of the same name that is made from a mixture of espresso coffee, cocoa, milk and sugar.

Pack of Mocha CoffeeCoffee-Direct’s Mocha Coffee is grown in the Southwest regions of Ethiopia, the country where coffee is believed to have first been discovered many centuries ago. Flavoursome and aromatic, these distinctively delicious beans, which are smaller and rounder in shape than most other varieties, offer a medium-bodied cup, with delicious fruity notes and hints of spice and wine. They produce a smooth and mellow brew with a slight sweetness and low acidity.

Pack of Mocha Java CoffeeOur Mocha Java Coffee is a fabulous blend of two types of arabica beans, from Indonesia and Yemen. Indonesian coffees are known for their earthy flavours, with notes of wood and spice, while coffees from Yemen have distinctive wild and pungent tropical fruit flavours as well as nut, spice, chocolate and tobacco notes. This combination makes Mocha Java a match made in heaven.

Mocha Coffee and Mocha Java are both medium roast coffees, and are particularly suitable for cafetiere and filter machine use.